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Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner Reviews Buyer Guide

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Whenever carbon pollutants accumulate within the catalytic converter to the point that it loses its filtration efficiency, you’ll need to find the best catalytic converter cleaner. 

Car engines emit pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons, all of which are toxic to the environment.

However, because of its filtering mechanism, a catalytic converter does not allow these contaminants to be released directly into the air.


It works by converting toxic substances produced by engines into less harmful gases via a chemical process between the converter’s metals and the exhaust gases. 

There are cleaning solutions available to unblock the catalytic converter. In this article, I’ll go over some of the best catalytic converter cleaners for improving the efficiency of your car’s exhaust system.

ImageProductDetails  Price
Cataclean-120007Cataclean 120007 CatalyticThe proprietary solution dissolves carbon deposits in its route, minimizing their accumulation and lowering your car’s emissions by up to 50%.Check Price
Autoprofi-Oxicat-Catalytic-ConverterAutoprofi Oxicat Catalytic ConverterCleaner The Autoprofi Oxicat cleaner is suitable for all types of fuel, especially gasoline, diesel, and various hybrid cars and fuel mixtures.Check Price
CRC-GuaranteedCRC 05063 Catalytic ConverterCRC 05063 Catalytic Converter work with ethanol and gasoline blends of all varieties.Check Price
Solder-ITSolder-It CAT-1 Catalytic ConverterCleaner The CAT-1 catalytic converter cleaner from Solder-It is a less expensive, yet still efficient, alternative for cleansing your car’s fuel.Check Price
Hi-Gear-HG3270sHi-Gear HG3270s CatalyticConverter Cleaner This catalytic converter cleaner will wash the system and provide a significant increase in power consumption, saving you money. Check Price
Mr-Gasket-120009Mr Gasket 120009 Converter CleanerMr Gasket 120009 is a catalytic converter designed for industrial use, & it will be ideal for you if you have a franchise of work automobiles.Check Price
Red-Line-60103Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 FuelIt improves the function of the ignition system, pollution valves, & carburetors while eliminating all debris from your vehicle.Check Price
Royal-Purple-11722Royal Purple Max-Clean FuelRoyal Purple can boost your engine’s fuel economy by up to 3.2 percent, giving you more strength and accuracy while driving effortlessly.Check Price
Sea-Foam-SF-16-2PKSea Foam SF-16-2PK MotorIt draws out gasoline and debris while stabilizing your fuel, controlling humidity, and lubricating the upper cylinder.Check Price
Boost-Up-Vehicle-EngineBoost-Up Vehicle Engine CatalyticIt can get all of the critical engine parts, allowing for thorough cleaning without having to remove the entire converter unit. Check Price

Cataclean 120007 Catalytic

? Editors’ Choice!

Cataclean 120007 Catalytic

Converter Cleaner Cataclean has been manufacturing automotive accessories for over twenty years and is one of the most well-known companies on the market.

This, combined with the product’s incredibly effective composition makes it our best overall.  

The proprietary solution dissolves carbon deposits in its route, minimizing their accumulation and lowering your car’s emissions by up to 50%.

It will also repair the catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, cylinder heads, and pistons in your vehicle.

This device is suitable for most automobiles, as it works with both gasoline and diesel engines, as well as hybrids.

Drivers will also admire that it does not change the fuel in either way and therefore the automobile establishes performance level. 

Best of all, 

The application is straightforward. It’s as simple as opening the bottle and emptying it into your car’s partially filled tank. Reiterate every few months to keep your car in good shape. 

Its sole flaw is that it does not operate with two-stroke engines. Like most drivers, though, this isn’t even a consideration. 

Key features
  • A top-of-the-line product having a track record of success.
  • It Will does not change the nature of the fuel.
  • There will be a 50% reduction in total hydrocarbon emissions.
  • Suitable for a wide range of automobiles.
  • Lower energy consumption by up to 50%.
  • Both gas and diesel engines are secure to use.
  • Enhances the general performance of the vehicle.
  • All 50 states have legalized marijuana.
  • It’s simple to use.
  • It isn’t suitable for 2-stroke engines.

Why we choose this product?

The Cataclean 120007 is a good choice if you’re searching for a good catalytic converter cleaning. It is a highly efficient cleaner for your overall auto system, despite its somewhat higher cost. 

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Autoprofi Oxicat Catalytic Converter

Autoprofi Oxicat Catalytic Converter

Cleaner The Autoprofi Oxicat cleaner is suitable for all types of fuel, especially gasoline, diesel, and various hybrid cars and fuel mixtures.

This implies that it will work for you no matter what automobile you ride. It’s created in Germany under the Pro-Tec and Autoprofi brands, ensuring great accuracy and reliability. 


This elevated cleaner for catalytic converters was created to remove residual combustion byproducts, dust, and other debris from your car’s fuel and emissions pipelines. 

Oxicat also guarantees that regular use will maintain your car in good overall condition. This equates to 3-5 applications per year daily. 

Although there appears to be less substance in the bottle than in others on our list, there is still plenty to assure thorough catalytic converter cleanup. 

Key features
  • Suitable with a wide range of types of fuel.
  • Both the catalytic converter and the oxygen detector are cleaned.
  • TUV certification ensures that the product is both safe and efficacious.
  • Enhances the general efficiency of the system.
  • Works with a variety of fuels.
  • Removes all deposits from the system.
  • Improves the performance of the engine.
  • The system is protected from excessive pollution.
  • German technology that is both high-quality and dependable.
  • There isn’t much substance in the jar.

Why we choose this product?

The catalytic converter cleaner’s composition allows you to eliminate any type of filth from the vehicle’s fuel and exhaust systems.

In addition, it can be used to remove carbon deposits and soot.

It is one of the most effective catalytic converter cleaners on the market. 

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CRC 05063 Catalytic Converter

CRC 05063 Catalytic Converter 

Cleaner CRC promises that if you use this cleaner, you’ll satisfy your emission standards or they’ll refund your money in full. That’s a big claim,

Especially when coming from a respectable firm like CRC. To maintain your vehicle’s fuel consumption and pollution levels acceptable, CRC suggests using it every 3,000 miles.

It’ll work with ethanol and gasoline blends of all varieties. 


You’ll also notice a big reduction in population and an improvement in overall performance with our highest catalytic converter cleaner. 

CRC does not indicate whether it is suitable for internal combustion engines, which may be a worry for some customers. If you use gasoline, though, you will not have this problem. 

Key features
  • Dishwasher additives with a lot of punch.
  • Emissions are assumed to satisfy.
  • All sorts of fuels are compatible with this device.
  • Emissions have dropped dramatically.
  • Contains essential detergent preservatives that work quickly.
  • It is certain to assist you in passing your safety inspection.
  • Functions with ethanol and gasoline blended fuels of all types.
  • Preserves your car’s fuel system to like-new condition in a matter of minutes.
  • Significantly decreases emissions.
  • Diesel engines are not suitable.

Why we choose this product?

CRC promises that if you use this cleaner, you’ll clear your smog check or they’ll pay your fees in full. With our top catalytic converter cleaner, you’ll also notice a significant decline in population and an increase in positive effects. 

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Solder-It CAT-1 Catalytic Converter

Solder-It CAT-1 Catalytic Converter 

Cleaner The CAT-1 catalytic converter cleaner from Solder-It is a less expensive, yet still efficient, alternative for cleansing your car’s fuel and emissions system. 

Many drivers tend to like it the best since it is more effective at removing the “rotten egg” odor, which even more expensive products may not be able to do. 

Even better, 

It’s made specifically for gas engines and cleans all kinds of catalytic converters, notably monolithic and pelleted converters.

It is also acceptable to use with the oxygen sensor and aids in its cleaning.  This cleaner for catalytic converters might help you pass safety tests.

Furthermore, having it installed on your car allows you to go longer between playlists, saving you money. 

Even though you might have to use over one jar of this catalytic converter cleaner, due to the lower price, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Key features
  • Significantly less expensive.
  • Eliminates the stink of rotten eggs.
  • Purifies the oxygen sensor as well.
  • It may be beneficial in passing emission tests.
  • The time between the playlist is extended.
  • More cost-effective.
  • It also aids in the cleaning of the oxygen sensor.
  • Removes the rotten egg odor.
  • Both monolithic and pelleted converters are supported.
  • Increases the amount of time between tune-ups.
  • It’s possible that you’ll need more than one bottle.

Why we choose this product?

According to the supplier, this device will ensure that the car’s exhaust complies with all requirements and survive the pollution control exam.

Inexpensive analogs, on the other hand, come with about the same warranties. 

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Hi-Gear HG3270s Catalytic

Hi-Gear HG3270s Catalytic 

Converter Cleaner This catalytic converter cleaner will wash the system and provide a significant increase in power consumption, saving you money. 

This chemical will also sanitize the heat exchanger, cylinders, pistons, and injectors, improving the overall safety of the engine. 

You can also anticipate regaining lost performance and horsepower, as well as a reduction in hard starters. 


This solution also eliminates the rotten egg odor, and it can assist you in passing safety inspections by significantly reducing CO2 and harmful fume emissions. 

While one bottle may suffice for certain vehicles, many others will require multiple bottles to eliminate significant construct. However, given the lower cost, this will not be an issue. 

Key features
  • Improves the performance of the organization.
  • Reduces and avoids the odor of rotten eggs.
  • Assists you in passing the emission test.
  • Regains horsepower that has been depleted.
  • Increased fuel efficiency by a considerable amount.
  • Removes the rotten egg odor.
  • Will assist in passing emission tests.
  • Simply eliminates combustion byproducts.
  • Horsepower and speed are restored.
  • One gallon is insufficient.

Why we choose this product?

This item, which comes in a metal tin, does exactly what it means on the box. It can cope with lower horsepower, boosting driving experience while also lowering poisonous gas emissions. 

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Mr Gasket 120009 Converter Cleaner

Mr Gasket 120009 Converter Cleaner 

Mr Gasket 120009 is a catalytic converter designed for industrial use, and it will be ideal for you if you have a franchise of work automobiles.

This formula cleans catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and the exhaust system effectively.  The cleaner for catalytic converters will also work on diesel, gasoline, and hybrid automobiles.

When you use this product, you can expect a 60 percent reduction in emissions, and it’s also very good at removing carbon buildup. 


This stuff is quite strong and can harm paint, but with a little care, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Also, because it’s an industrial cleaner, you’d think it’d work on two-stroke engines, but it doesn’t. However, this isn’t a deal-breaker either. 

Key features
  • This product is ideal for industrial applications.
  • Gasoline, diesel, and hybrid cars are all compatible.
  • Cleans oxygen sensors as well.
  • Emissions could be reduced by up to 60%.
  • For professional use, a specific composition has been developed.
  • Emissions could be reduced by up to 60%.
  • Cleaning oxygen sensors is efficient.
  • Significant reduction in carbon emissions.
  • It may be used on a variety of automobiles.
  • Paint may be harmed.
  • 2 stroke engines are not compatible.

Why we choose this product?

This would be the best cleaner for your car, truck, and other automobiles as it reduces the emissions efficiently. Mr Gasket 120009 is a catalytic converter made for professional usage, and it’ll be perfect for you if you own a fleet of work vehicles. 

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Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel

Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel 

System The nicest part about Red Line is that it completely wipes your motor’s fuel. At the same time as it cleans, it improves your car’s system results.

It improves the function of the ignition system, pollution valves, and carburetors while eliminating all debris from your vehicle. 

If you choose the Red Line, you may bid farewell to high fuel efficiency. Its one-of-a-kind composition promotes highly effective fuel combustion.

It energizes gasoline and avoids the formation of gum and plaque.  


You don’t need to be concerned about the ever-changing weather. It operates well in both high and low temperatures, regardless of the weather.  

It excels at lubricating the upper cylinder and valves without causing a chemical breakdown in the motor oil.

It has a significant PEA content, allowing it to avoid freezing in cold weather and overheating in the summer heat. 

Key features
  • Polyether amines are present (PEA).
  • The upper cylinder is lubricated with a special synthetic lubricant.
  • A concentrated combination of high-temperature and low-temperature soaps.
  • Designed to promote efficient fuel combustion.
  • High-end and adaptable.
  • The engine’s power is restored.
  • Carbon residues are cleaned and prevented.
  • Horsepower and performance have been enhanced.
  • It saves you money on gas.
  • Specific fuel systems may be harmed.
  • Smaller vehicles, such as motorbikes, are not suitable.

Why we choose this product?

I would suggest Red Line to any owner of the car because of its excellent reputation in the industry. Experts rely on most vehicles, even if they are street or racing cars.

It has been in the industry for almost 40 years, and it’s always striving to meet customers’ requirements. 

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Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel

Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel

System Cleaner If you drive your car occasionally, Royal Purple can boost your engine’s fuel economy by up to 3.2 percent, giving you more strength and accuracy while driving effortlessly.  

What’s amazing about Royal Purple is that it will start your automobile even if it has been sitting for some time. It serves as a gasoline cleaner and stabilizer in one package.

It’s a good way to make this to the fuel if your car has been sitting idle for a little while. 

Here is the deal, 

It’s amazing how deep Royal Purple cleans your engine’s fuel system, eradicating impurities and clogging. It helps clean the nozzles, carburetors, input valves, and heat exchangers of the fuel system. 

As a consequence, gas emissions are lowered and fuel efficiency is enhanced. Brought an end to bumpy pauses and erratic speed at stop road markings. 

Royal Purple eliminates doubts, choking, and vibrating motors, resulting in a clean and simple igniting.

Corrosion, oxidation, instability, and spark plug contamination can all be reduced, resulting in improved engine and fuel efficiency. 

Key features
  • A three-in-one fuel additive is used.
  • 2.6 percent increase in horsepower.
  • Hazardous and carbon emissions are lower than typical.
  • EPA and CARB approved.
  • Reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 18%, nitrous oxide emissions by 13%, and hydrocarbon emissions by 12%.
  • Both four-cycle and two-cycle engines benefit from this product.
  • It’s suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Increases the efficiency of the vehicle.
  • Increases the amount of horsepower available.
  • Increases fuel economy.
  • Stalls, rough idling, and reluctance are all avoided.
  • Specific vehicle models are ineligible.
  • In older engines, performance is barely visible.

Why we choose this product?

Royal Purple is suitable for both gasoline and diesel-powered automobiles. It can be used with biomass or ethanol mixes.

In general, utilizing Max-Clean to wipe your vehicle’s catalyst converter makes it seem lovely and clean. This cleaner improves the effectiveness of your vehicle’s engine by refreshing the surfaces. 

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Sea Foam SF-16-2PK Motor

Sea Foam SF-16-2PK Motor 

Treatment Multi-Use All those annoying clogs and crud that block your engine are now much better to reduce. SeaFoam effectively dissolves undesirable designs within your motor and washes them out. 


It draws out gasoline and debris while stabilizing your fuel, controlling humidity, and lubricating the upper cylinder.

You may put your fears aside because SeaFoam is made from safe and environmentally friendly components that will not harm your health or the environment.  

It can remove even the most stubborn waste without harming the environment. Furthermore, it is suitable for leaf blowers, boats, tractors, and other engines that run on standard gasoline or diesel. 

Key features
  • There are no harmful additives in this product.
  • Light oil, naphtha, and IPA make up this blend.
  • Anti-corrosive.
  • It has anti-gel and de-icing properties.
  • Exceptionally efficient at removing design.
  • It may be used with both gasoline and diesel.
  • Excellent for older engines.
  • Emissions are reduced.
  • Increases the efficiency of your vehicle.
  • Doesn’t usually completely resolve issues.

Why we choose this product?

Because of its versatility, SeaFoam is suitable for all types of gasoline and diesel engines.

Motorcyclists and truck drivers swear by it because of its efficiency on vehicles that have been sitting for a long period of time and cars with 200,000 miles on the clock. 

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Boost-Up Vehicle Engine Catalytic

Boost-Up Vehicle Engine Catalytic 

Converter Cleaner The substance, which is made up of motor-boosting ingredients that allow for excellent fuel and emission flow, can improve the engine’s overall results while lowering maintenance expenses.

You’ll notice differences in how the vehicle operates and responds to its mission. 

Furthermore, The BoostUp Catalytic Converter Cleaner can get all of the critical engine parts, allowing for thorough cleaning without having to remove the entire converter unit. 

Damaged oxygen sensors in the catalytic converter will waste more gasoline than necessary if left unattended, causing the appropriate air-to-fuel ratio to be disrupted. In the redox reaction, this could result in undesirable chemical by-products.  

Up to 50% of hydrocarbon emissions can be decreased with regular maintenance and use of a cleaner, resulting in improved fuel consumption. 

Key features
  • The product is packaged in a 120ml bottle.
  • Reduces the rate of vehicle emissions.
  • Engine mechanism is safeguarded.
  • Helps clean various components, including the oxygen sensor, fuel, and emissions.
  • Reduces hydrocarbon energy consumption by up to 50% in the vehicle.
  • Improves the efficiency of the system.
  • Wipes the catalytic converter thoroughly without removing it totally.
  • Cleans the oxygen sensor, fuel injectors, and cylinders, among other things.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • Toxic substances are present in the composition.

Why we choose this product?

It can be tough to remove the converter unit for washing if you don’t have enough technological expertise or experience.

You can now accomplish a deep clean and preserve fuel consumption without the hard lifting with the Boost-Up Vehicle Engine Catalytic Converter Cleaner Deep Cleaning Multipurpose. 

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What Should You Consider Before Buying a Catalytic Converter Cleaner?


Although many auto catalytic converter cleaners will work with a large variety of engines, comprising 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, as well as diesel and gasoline engines, some cleaners may not. 

It’s up to you to figure out how much of an engine or circuit you’re cleaning and double-check the cleaner’s supplier directions for compatibility. 

However, something such as Autoprofi Oxicat, which can clean diesel, gasoline, and hybrid engines, is indeed a wiser investment. 

Environmentally friendly: 

Because a catalytic converter cleaner is a container full of toxins, you should know how reliable it is to use in your automobile and therefore how secure it is for the atmosphere if you’re concerned about the environment. 

You can verify that the cleaner complies with applicable rules such as the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and OTC (Organic Toxic Compound) regulations, as well as others such as the low-sulfur content criteria. 

Regulation by the country: 

Many states prohibit the use of a converter cleaner that fails an emissions test. Similarly, to the exhaust system, the use of a cat converter cleaner is subject to state restrictions.

This is something that the producers indicate on the bottle. However, if you live in a region where utilizing chemical cleaners is not restricted, you are free to use whatever you want. 

Cleaning of the entire system: 

A catalytic converter is not a system in and of itself; rather, it is a component of a car’s whole exhaust system.

If the converter becomes blocked and severe harm to several other sections of the exhaust pipe, wiping the converter alone will not provide the answer you need. 

As a result, you must ensure that the cleaner can work on critical exhaust system components such as oxygen sensors, cylinder heads, and fuel injectors. 

However, if you’re convinced that your car’s problem is limited to a single component, you can select a cleaner that specializes in that area. 

Options for Multipacks: 

Using a cleaner like this is a necessary element of car maintenance. As a result, you’ll need the cleaner again at some point.

It would be ideal if you purchased a multipack that included dozens of these cleaners to save money. It is dependent on your financial situation.

Choose the cost-effective multipack option if you have a lot of money to spend on your car. If you simply need a solution for this period, there are a variety of single cleaners to pick from. 


The value of the solution remains the same regardless of the container size selected. All that said, if you want to save money on this product, the volume matters a lot.

A 1-gallon container will almost certainly cost less than its smaller counterparts. If you’re a purist who doesn’t want to calculate every time you clear the tank, the compact 16-ounce bottles are a better option.

But no need to preserve one-time solution bottles for later usage using one-time solution bottles. 

Stick with the brand:  

Brand image is something that requires a cost but guarantees excellence. It takes more than a few years to create a brand.

To develop a name into a brand, a product must have a lot of variation. You can trust a high-end brand because they have been providing high-quality items for a decade.

Pay attention to what regular customers have to say about the product.  Only a first-rate service can elicit a good response.

Choose the top brand on the market that offers a money-back guarantee if they can’t deliver the promised top quality on the job. 


Is it possible to clear a blocked catalytic converter?
It is conditional about how blocked it is. A catalytic converter with a lot of miles on it that has never been cleaned may have obstructions that are too severe to be wiped with everything you can put in your gas tank.

If this is the scenario, a catalytic converter cleaning will be ineffective, and the component will need to be changed. If you don’t have significant blockages, catalytic converter cleaning can be used to eliminate mild to moderate deposits and assist avoid future obstructions.

What is the best way to clean catalytic converters?
Simply order a catalytic converter cleaning or a complete fuel system treatment from your nearest auto parts store or order online.

Make sure it’s safe to use in your engine, then dump the appropriate amount (typically the entire bottle) into your gasoline tank including a full tank of gas, and travel regularly whereas the catalytic converter cleaner does its job.

Washing up your system with around one ounce of catalytic converter cleaner per gallon of fuel is a decent ratio. For instance, if your fuel tank holds roughly 20 gallons, a whole 20-ounce bottle of catalytic converter cleaner would suffice.

Do cleaners for catalytic converters actually work?
Carbon buildup in your engine and exhaust system can be removed with a catalytic converter cleaner. So, sure, catalytic converter cleaner works all the time you use it to remove carbon deposits from your catalytic converter.

Frequent use will aid in the removal of persistent deposits and the prevention of fresh carbon buildup.

How frequently should I cleanse my catalytic converter?
Using a catalytic converter every 4,000 miles or so is a decent general rule, but it depends on the tag of the individual product you’re utilizing.

Several products don’t prescribe a specific number of miles between uses, but instead a specific time period, such as every three months. Grab a bottle and sprinkle it into your petrol tank on every oil change to help you recall to use it.

Is it safe to clean a catalytic converter with a cleaner?
Catalytic converter cleaners are safe for all makes and models of vehicles, even older vehicles. Please ensure the cleaner you buy is suitable for your engine if you drive a diesel or hybrid vehicle. Rest assured your catalytic converter is cleaned regularly.

Conclusion: Cleaners for car converters were created to help your exhaust system. When it comes to selecting the best catalytic converter cleaner, efficiency should always come first. The best thing is that each of the options we reviewed is really effective.

We hope, after reading this post, you’ve found the finest catalytic converter cleaning for your automobile based on the engine type and your needs. Simply pour the liquid into the tank, and it will take care of the rest.

However, The Cataclean 120007 appears to be best over the others in a variety of ways, including pollution reduction and the convenience of use, and it is thus our overall best and top suggestion.

The affordable Solder-It CAT-1 is ideal for travelers seeking something useful that also delivers great value for money and successfully eliminates the rotten egg smell.

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