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Engines have improved over time. The diesel engines are more complicated and efficient than they have ever been. Engine lubrication filtration has kept up with engine technology as it has evolved.

The oil filter is an important factor of your vehicle’s system that contributes to its smooth operation. This crucial small item best DIESEL OIL FILTER ensures that your vehicle runs like silk and that the internal engine parts remain in good condition.

Oil filters keep your car clean and prevent the accumulation of unwanted objects beneath the hood. We’ll be focusing on the best diesel oil filters on the market right now.

The advantage of owning an oil filter will undoubtedly persuade you to purchase one. However, there are hundreds of brands that offer a variety of oil filter options.

An oil filter is simply a mechanical device that keeps dirt, contaminants, and unburned gasoline out of the system. However, the component will only allow fresh oil to circulate into the engine, pushing dirt out.

This is why oil filters must be treated or replaced at the same time. Because this is such a large market and a necessary thing to purchase, the choices are unlimited. 

Choosing the best diesel oil filter that is perfect for you is a difficult undertaking, especially if you are a newbie. Many motorists overlook the need for a proper oil filter.

Diesel engines are known for being dirtier and more difficult to maintain than gasoline ones. When you get your oil changed, you have the option of replacing the complete filter or cleaning it thoroughly.

The filter has a metal can on the outside with a sealed gasket that allows it to be held very snugly against the engine’s mating surface. The gasket can be helped by the base plate, which is perforated with holes surrounding the area just within the gasket.

The oil filter system on the engine block is threaded via a central hole. You’ve reached the right place if you need assistance choosing the best oil filter.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Diesel Oil Filters:

The most important aspects to look for in an oil filter are a low price and, most importantly, a long lifespan. You don’t want to spend money on something you’ll have to replace in a few months.

Purchase products that are strong, long-lasting, and will aid in keeping your oil clean. The new oil filters for a car are usually considerably smaller than the originals, you’ll have to replace them more frequently. 

Because of the way diesel vehicles are built, oil filters must be changed more frequently than in gasoline-powered vehicles. We’ve also included a buying guide as well as other useful information in the following sections to assist you in making an informed selection.

Some of the top oil filter alternatives for diesel engines have been thoroughly researched and tested.

Materials Used

Filtration medium or membranes are used in oil filters. Because this component is in charge of the principal filtration, it is critical that you choose the best. The materials being used are listed below.

  • Synthetic: This medium will most likely be used in high-end oil filters. Synthetic filtration media is designed to trap 50% of pollutants between 20 and 40 microns in size. Furthermore, it can eliminate 24% of particles with a diameter of 8 to 10 microns. Once you’ve driven 5,000 to 7,000 miles on this media, you’ll need to replace your oil filters.
  • Micro Glass: For premium oil filters, this is the most popular filtration material. The filter medium is made from a fiver, which is ten times smaller than cellulose fibers. It considerably lowers oil flow restriction, preventing pollutants from accumulating. As a result, once you achieve 10,000 miles, you will simply need to replace the filter.
  • Cellulose: This form of media is designed to be thrown away. Cellulose filtering medium can remove pollutants as small as 8 microns and can clean up to 40% of the engine oil.


When it comes to oil filters, capacity refers to their ability to capture impurities. This is controlled by the filtration media and structure used in the product. The larger the volume, the longer you can use the filter before that needs to be replaced.

The capacity of an oil filter indicates how well it can keep impurities out. The build or the media are the two main aspects that influence the oil filter’s effectiveness. 

More capacity equates to higher mileage and longer range. Oil filters typically have a minimum storage capacity of 10 grams. When the bypass volume is achieved, the bypass valves open to allow unfiltered oil to flow through the engine’s various components.

For materials larger than 10 microns, a high-quality filter must have a capture efficiency of 95%. In other words, particles larger than 10 microns will be removed by the oil 95% of the time.

The filter should be able to hold onto the particles once it has captured them. What we mean by capacity is this. Standard filters are made to have a high capacity, even though wider filters may have higher capacities (only because of size).

So, don’t base your decision on the product’s size. When it concerns capacity, almost all filters operate similarly. However, you may find out a filter’s capacity by visiting the manufacturer’s website or an auto parts store.


Both spin-on, as well as wrench-off filters, can have varying degrees of build quality. This comprises the metal used to make the housing by the manufacturer and the caliber of the gasket.

To ensure that the filter you choose is durable and sturdy, do your research and check reviews regarding its construction.

Ease of Use

There are many different types of oil filters on the market. There are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. Some filters will not fit your car.

When you choose an oil filter that is suitable for your vehicle, it should also be simple to install. The filter should not force you to visit the mechanic on a regular basis.


Any filter should be long-lasting and cost-effective. Each car or vehicle has its own set of specifications. The filter’s weight and design affect its compatibility with your vehicle.

You must confirm that the filter is compatible with the design of your car. It’s also a smart idea to opt for a filter with a paint-coated surface. This coat will protect you from rust and corrosion.

A more robust product will be requested if the manufacturer wants to spend more money. If not, the majority of brands opt for filters that readily warp or dent when installed.

Filters can be made out of cardboard, plastic, or light metal. Therefore, if you desire a premium filter, check out what materials it is composed of and whether it can endure installation and constant travel shock.

Filtration Media

There’s a substance inside every filter that manages the entire filtering process. Synthetic, cellulose, or a combination of both media or materials can be used.

Because of its densely woven construction, synthetic ones commonly use polyester, glass, or nylon. The filtering efficiency is improved as a result of this arrangement. 

Synthetic media may capture even the tiniest pollutants without slowing down the flow rate of the oil. Cellulosic media, on the other hand, is a more cost-effective solution.

All of this cost-effectiveness, however, is directly connected to its poor filtration quality. Many customers prefer mixed media since it is cost-effective and provides functionality.


Oil filters, like every other part of a vehicle, exist in a variety of sizes, and in order to achieve the best results, you must select the suitable size that suits your vehicle adequately.

Some cars can use any type of oil filter, while others require a certain size filter to be compatible with the vehicle. You should consult the manual to decide what kind of diesel filter you require.

If you can’t find it, ask your mechanic for assistance.


It is critical to ensure that the diesel filter is composed of high-quality material for long-term functioning. It will guarantee that the unit keeps working properly even when the weather is bad.

You will have to spend a bit more money to get a good filter, and this is one place where you might not cut corners.

Filter Element

The filter element really cleans the oil of pollutants and impurities. Initially, paper was the preferred material for the element, but synthetics have now taken its position.

Filter element quality varies from good to exceptional. Before picking which filter will meet your demands the best, look at the element specifics.


In some ways, spin-on filters are simpler to use than cartridge filters because you only need to spin this same new filter on to configure it. No need to fuss over a disorganized filter element.

Similar to that, after the filter’s useful life is up, you spin it over to remove it. On the housing, on the side opposite the gasket end, are built-in “nuts” for wrench-off filters.

To extract the filter out from the engine quickly, use a wrench on this nut.


For a single oil filter, costs can be as low as $8, as much as $33, or anywhere in between. When one $12 filter would do the job just as effectively, there is no reason to pay $33.

But if an $8 filter seems to be of low quality, it’s wise to invest a little more money to get a better filter and some assurance.

Perfect Fit

Do your research before attempting a DIY oil change. You don’t want to find you purchased the wrong filter while you’re in the midst of changing the oil.

Ensure the filter you wish to buy suits your vehicle by reading reviews.

Top 5 Best Diesel Oil Filters

ImageProductDetails  Price
Motorcraft Oil FilterMotorcraft Oil FilterVehicle Specific Fit TypeCheck Price
Mobil M1-110 Oil FilterMobil M1-110 Oil FilterEngine protectionCheck Price
Motorcraft Oil FilterMotorcraft Oil FilterHigh-quality productCheck Price
Bosch Filtech Oil FilterBosch Filtech Oil Filter99% efficiencyCheck Price
ACDelco Engine Oil Filter1ACDelco Engine Oil FilterConsistent flow managementCheck Price

Motorcraft Oil Filter

Motorcraft Oil Filter - BEST DIESEL OIL FILTERS

Probably one of the best businesses in the sector is Motorcraft. The product is specifically made for diesel-powered automobiles. The oil filter complies with Ford’s quality requirements, just like all of the company’s products do.

It helps to keep a regular oil supply, especially in adverse weather or in the event that the oil filter becomes blocked. This robust oil filter can simply remove metal fragments, tiny dust, and other impurities while safeguarding your engine from harm.

A pressure-relief valve will also be included with the filter to make sure that no contaminants are returned to your engine. To prevent rust accumulation, it emerges with a painted case.

Additionally, the fluted shape of the unit enables compatibility with a variety of engines. In order to ensure that the oil runs smoothly throughout the system. 

Motorcraft installed a built-in pressure relief valve. In colder areas when the temperature remains below freezing, this feature is helpful. A 12-month guarantee is also offered in support of the product.

You will have to pay higher for this filter, as with most premium options. You will, however, travel farther.

Brand: Motorcraft
Model: ‎FL-2016
Item weight: 4.8 ounces
Dimensions: 1.4 x 1.1 x 0.8 inches
Model No: FL-2016
Material: Silicone

Key Features
  • Direct fit
  • Vehicle Specific Fit Type
  • Included Components: Oil Filter
  • Ironed, steel outer casing
  • Silicone anti-drain back valves
  • Extremely durable
  • Great paint job
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • High quality
  • Direct fit
  • Highly-priced

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • It maintains a proper oil supply in extreme weather conditions.
  • Resistance to rust is offered by an extremely ironed, steel outer casing.
  • The oil is protected from draining out of the engine and filtered by the silicon anti-drain black valves.
  • The pressure-relief valve makes sure no impurities are headed back to the engine.

Mobil M1-110 Oil Filter

Mobil M1-110 Oil Filter - BEST DIESEL OIL FILTERS

A Mobil 1 product on this list of the best oil filters will be eagerly anticipated by many customers. The illustrious American business Mobile 1 has been in this industry for more than centuries. It’s hardly unexpected to see it on the list of great sellers given its extravagant features. Because it is synthetic, this filter has a fantastic 99.6 filtering efficiency. 28 grams of dust and dirt can fit within thanks to its structure. 

Choosing the best filter among the many that are available on the market might be challenging. All filters, however, are not made equal, as the Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter reveals. For two reasons, it is our choice for the best all-around oil filter: To start, it filters the oil of impurities using fibers made of a synthetic blend. Second, it is bigger than the majority of its rivals. 

The majority of filters fall well short of their holding capacity. To prevent reverse pouring, this filter is fitted with a high-quality silicone anti-drain valve. Dry starts are discouraged by this feature. The typical operating pressure may be supported by this filter nine times more.

Brand: Mobil
Item weight: ‎113 g
Dimensions: 10.16 x 7.62 x 6.99 cm; 113.4 Gram
Model No: ‎M1-110
Vehicle Service Type: All vehicle
Product Gate: Performance Part

Key Features
  • The oil Filter has extended performance
  • Engine protection
  • 97% vehicle in operation coverage
  • Provides spin-on filters
  • Provides cartridge oil filters
  • Reasonable price
  • Sustainable product
  • Long-lasting
  • Extended performance
  • Used with all motor oils
  • No warranty

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • Now offering both spin-on and cartridge oil filters provides coverage for more than 97 percent of operating vehicles (VIO).
  • It is a more sustainable and money-saving product.
  • It has a large capacity for filtering contaminants and requires fewer replacements.

Motorcraft Oil Filter

Motorcraft Oil Filter - BEST DIESEL OIL FILTERS

Your car and your money are both being saved by the Motorcraft FL-910S. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of this filter include Lincoln, Ford, Mercury, and many more.

It can filter superbly while using coarser grade oils and has high flow rates. Both traditional and synthesized motor oils can produce excellent results. Customers will adore the ironed case’s superior protection and durability. 

Compared to other filters on the market, this design creates a firmer fit. It has a worldwide reputation for a diverse variety of award-winning products to get rid of rust, corrosion, and wear.

The Motorcraft filter also has a paint coating. A connected end bypass valve is available. Users can have complete faith that the bypass valve will provide a constant flow.

The filtration performance is only 93%, though, because there are cellulose media present. 

When compared to other reasonably priced filters on the market, this number is simply too low. Despite the low level of filtration effectiveness, there are still several benefits to purchasing this filter.

Steel cases are “ironed” to ensure a tight fit, fluted to make removal easier, and coated to prevent rust. Effective filter media can trap more engine-harming particles and have a greater ability to collect dirt.

Pressure-relief valves reduce the possibility of polluted oil returning to the engine.

Brand: Motorcraft
Model: ‎FL-910S
Item weight: 9.9 ounces
Dimensions: ‎4.33 x 3.23 x 3.11 inches
Product Gate: Performance Part
Exterior: Polished
Material: Silicone
OEM Part No: ‎BE8Z-6731-AB

Key Features
  • High-quality product
  • Modernized according to the user
  • 93% filtration capacity
  • Fluted case end for easy contamination removal
  • Perforated steel center tube
  • Reasonable price
  • Removes clogs efficiently
  • Steel bypass is enduring
  • Best OEM
  • High-quality product
  • Low filtration efficiency with cellulose media

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • It is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology
  • It is the best product for professional use.
  • Fulfills the requirements of the modern user.
  • It prevents the aging effects that are caused by the excess heat of the engine.

Bosch Filtech Oil Filter

Bosch Filtech Oil Filter - BEST DIESEL OIL FILTERS

More lubrication is gathered around the seal by the Bosch 3330 Premium Filtech Oil Filter. As a result, there is less chance of oil leaking through and the seal is tighter.

This German behemoth has completely revolutionized the car sector. One of the most significant oil filters available, with a mind-blowing 99.9% filtration efficiency.

Bosch also produces inexpensive filters that are of high quality. You will pay half as much and yet receive a superior oil filter when opposed to certain other filters on the list.

The oil is kept clean for a long time by screening out small particles. The canister might be your only worry. Compared to other oil filters, it is not as durable.

Therefore, when installing it, be a little more cautious.

A superior oil filter is necessary for superior engine performance. By filtering out dangerous debris and filth, Bosch Premium Oil Filters shield the engine from early wear and failure.

For better oil filtration and greater engine protection, Bosch Premium Oil Filters use an exclusive variety of natural and synthetic elements in the media. 

Bosch filters are made to specifically match the needs of your engine. Bosch filters satisfy all OEM specifications. 20 micron-sized particles can be captured by the filtration system.

Bosch offers a medium that is 42 percent wider and over 30 percent thicker than the competition. When they see the word “blended” in this filter, many individuals become doubtful.

But the greater surface area makes up for it.

Brand: Bosch Automotive
Model: 3323
Item weight: 7.2 ounces
Material: Paper
Exterior: Chrome
Product Gate: Performance Part

Key Features
  • Ideal results with Castrol motor oil
  • Strong steel base plates
  • Silicone anti-drain back valve
  • Exclusive filth media technology
  • 99% efficiency
  • Can hold 14 gms of dirt
  • Affordable range
  • Sustainable
  • Exceptional filtering
  • Lubricated gasket for firm fitting

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • They screen out harmful chemicals for better protection of the engine.
  • For better oil filtration and greater engine protection, they use a unique combination of natural and synthetic components in the media.
  • They also fit like OE filters. 

ACDelco Engine Oil Filter


Another one of our favorites in the filter category is the ACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter. This high-quality optional accessory engine oil filter is made to fit, look good, and perform as you might expect.

Additionally, the product provides strength that is 5 times larger than the working pressures for conventional engine oil when the oil reaches the operating temperature. The engine oil filter’s durability is further increased by this.

The filter includes a cellulose medium that captured particles as small as one-third the breadth of a human hair. This guarantees a fresh oil supply to the engine’s parts.

It’s important to note that this item has a 98 percent filtration efficiency. It can easily handle microns between 25 and 30. These characteristics are quite exceptional for cellulose media.

In order to deliver constant and dependable filtration, the unit also has a thermosetting silicone seal to hold the filtering medium in place.

In order to provide dependable flow control and a highly resilient design for superior filtering performance, this expert engine oil filter is coupled with enhanced filter capacity.

In all honesty, synthetic media might be more effective than cellulose-based ones.

The construction quality is superb, with the exception of the inadequate filtration. It also includes a silicone anti-drain valve and metal end covers.

Not to mention, a tighter fit is achieved by the thermosetting adhesive sealing.

Brand: ACDelco
Model: PF2232
Item weight: 1.1 Pounds
Dimensions: 5.6 x 4 x 4 inches
Model No: PF2232
Material: Stainless Steel, Paper
Product Gate: Replacement Part
OEM Part Number: ‎88917036

Key Features
  • 98% filtering efficiency
  • Thermosetting adhesive seal
  • Consistent flow management
  • Durable design
  • 2-year warranty
  • 25-30 micron filtering capacity
  • Durable design
  • Filter seal
  • 5x stronger than other engine oils
  • Cellulose media is not efficient
  • Doesn’t fit 4×4 trucks

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • After reaching working temperature, the unit is five times more powerful than the operating pressure of the majority of engine oils.
  • For 12,000 kilometers, it won’t require replacement!
  • to help assure a clean supply of oil to engine components cellulose media that captures particles 1/3 the breadth of human hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we use the same oil filter twice?
A regular oil filter may not offer sufficient service life if you use synthetic oil and practice longer drain intervals. The filter will probably need to be changed in the midst of the oil drain interval. But this can be both expensive and inconvenient.
Do diesel engines have oil filters?
Oil filters are a feature of diesel engines. Diesel engines have larger oil filters than gasoline ones. In comparison to their competitors, they also have a bigger holding capacity.

Many heavy-duty trucks include full-flow filters and separate oil filter bypass filters as standard equipment. This aids in ensuring proper oil filtering under various driving circumstances.

How long will an oil filter last?
The levels of durability of various filter types vary. However, given that you must replace the oil filter each time you change the oil, it will only survive until your car has traveled between 3000 and 5000 miles.

Your engine’s performance may be considerably impacted by the oil filter you choose. Choosing a trustworthy oil filter might be difficult with so many alternatives available. Every item on this list has something to offer potential customers.

Don’t forget to take into account every aspect that we outlined in the buyer’s guide. The one that’s best for you can depend on the kind of car you drive. If it fits properly, any of the five items mentioned above are wonderful to buy and will do wonders for your car...!

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