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Best Garage Containment Mats

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Moving tires have a tendency to accumulate and splatter dirt, oil, debris, salt from the road, and antifreeze fluid all over your fender liners, which subsequently soils your garage floor.

When defending your garage from the icy grip of winter, selecting the ideal garage floor mat for snow and winter weather is a crucial factor to consider. These goods are pretty specific and tailored to each customer’s requirements. 

Although a garage floor mat might not be at the top of your list of things to buy, it can be used for much more than just making the garage seem nice. Containment mats are your best choice if you live in a region with a lot of snowfall.

Containment mats, in contrast to other garage mat solutions, can hold gallons of water without splashing anything. The mat is where snow, ice, and water condense rather than on the garage floor. 

The name comes from the fact that all liquids that fall from the vehicle’s sides and bottom are kept contained. The right mat will protect your bare concrete from harmful deicing agents and road salts.

They help avoid slip-and-fall incidents caused by water that could collect on your garage floor and freeze over the course of the night. By using the proper car mat to protect your garage, you can avoid wasting time trying to remove oil stains on the floor by cleaning instead.

The kind of containment mat you purchase mostly depends on where you reside and the predominant weather patterns there. The state of the roads should also be taken into account.

Read the entire article to read which garage containment mats suit you best.

Some of the best garage containment mats with their main features are mentioned in the table below for comparable reasons.

Armor All Floor MatCharcoal Polyester
TruContain Containment matGreyPolyvinyl chloride
Hanjet Containment MatBlackPVC Fibre
Hugger Covers Containment MatsFiberglass mesh-coated vinyl
IncStores Garage MatSilver greyVinyl Stainless Steel
Kalasoneer Absorbant MatBlackFabric

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Containment Garage Mats

When purchasing garage floor mats, there are a number of considerations to make. The first choice to make is whether you want to take care of the entire floor area or just one or two specific spots.

Garage floor stains from battery acid and other liquids that could drip during repairs can be avoided with the use of floor mats. Waterproof mats are probably a must if rain is a common occurrence where you live.

Options for garage mats come in a wide range of sizes and might have interlocking edges that are specially made to be cut into forms that perfectly fit all garage floors. To choose the best garage floor mat, we must first consider a few fundamental characteristics.

Material Used

The best application for garage vehicle mats depends in large part on the material used to produce them. For instance, a thin and light-felt floor mat will perform just fine if you live in a dry, sunny environment and your car doesn’t acquire a lot of moist impurities like mud, water, or snow.

However, if snowfall occurs frequently in your area, you’ll need something more robust, such as fiberglass mesh-covered PVC or thermoplastic rubber. Garage floor mats can be made from a variety of materials, such as:

  • Polyvinyl

Polyvinyl is a strong substance that has a track record of success when used to create garage mats. They are resilient, long-lasting, and difficult to corrode or delaminate.

When wet, polyvinyl provides excellent traction and is highly water-resistant. It will ensure that stains do not spread to the garage floor and are also resistant to oils and automotive fluids.

Additionally, they remove the trash and protect the garage floor. Additionally, they are incredibly simple to clean. While standard cleaning only requires soap and water, mud and dirt can simply be swiped away.

The only material robust enough to handle all garage repairs needed to fix any automobile is this one.

  • Polyester

Only the construction of containment matting can use this. They are employed to absorb oil or water. Long polyester strands are weaved into this fabric and chemically joined before being covered in PVC.

They are 100% waterproof and are very strong and thick. They are additionally heat-sealed to create sturdy waterproof seams. They also stop leaks for the same reason.

While they are fairly durable, it is not a good idea to use them for extended periods of time.

  • Polyester Fibre

These materials are non-slip and water-resistant. They can absorb everything, even water, and petroleum, due to their high absorption capacity. Polyester fibers have a velvety texture that resembles carpeting and can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

When compared to materials like polyvinyl, they are not particularly thick because they are recycled polyester fibers. Regular scissors can be used to cut them into the desired shape.

They are simple to clean with a hose or vacuum. In the right climate and temperature, they also dry quickly. Compared to most other garage mats, they are more cost-effective.

Other materials include closed-cell form, thermoplastic rubber, and fiberglass mesh.


This one should be obvious. The mat you buy must be the proper size, that is, larger than the car’s whole footprint. Except if you only require a thin floor mat for oil spills; in that case, a smaller size would do.

Even if you have carport flooring installed, it makes sense to utilize large-sized containment mats because they are so easy to use and maintain.


Your whole user experience can be made or broken by the floor mat’s design. What use is a mat that is difficult to clean, becomes slick quickly, and allows impurities to permeate through?

You need a mat that won’t get dirty easily, won’t skid, and has deep enough grooves to divert liquids. To make it simple to clean the mat and remove debris, the material should be smooth.

The impurities that have gathered on your mat should be easy to remove using a standard brush, broom, or high-pressure washer.


When it rains, your automobile will be drenched in water, and when it’s winter, your car will arrive covered in melting snow. So that the garage floor is safeguarded, it is preferable if the garage floor mat is waterproof.

In most cases, the garage is where all auto repairs are made. Therefore, you must check that the mat you choose has a non-slip function to prevent mishaps from occurring during garage operations.

Types of Garage Containment Mats

Garage floor mats come in a variety of varieties, each with its own benefits. Let’s review a few succinct definitions of each kind of garage floor mat now.

  • Parking Mats

These mats are around the same size as those in your car. Even golf carts and motorcyclists can use them. Their main objective is to remove any debris that has accumulated within your car, such as mud, water, road salt, dirt, oils, etc.

These mats are simpler to maintain because you can occasionally remove them and clean them outside in the sun.

  • Roll-outs

As they are meant to roll out and cover the entire garage floor, these mats are significantly larger than the earlier ones. These have the benefit of concealing all of the cracks and stains on the garage floor and giving it a classy appearance.

They even aid in eliminating the offensive garage odor. Additionally, it eliminates echo while working or conversing in the garage. Heavy-duty scissors can be used to trim it to fit the dimensions of the garage.

  • Oil absorbing Mats

As they are meant to roll out and cover the entire garage floor, these mats are significantly larger than the water-absorbing mats. These have the benefit of concealing all of the cracks and stains on the garage floor and giving it a classy appearance.

They even aid in eliminating the offensive garage odor. Additionally, it eliminates echo while working or conversing in the garage. Heavy-duty scissors can be used to trim it to fit the dimensions of the garage.

  • Carpet maps

Installing these mats in the garage gives it a more upscale appearance. Although they have a carpet-like appearance in the garage, they are not as risky as typical carpets.

They are impervious to liquids like water, oil, and other petrochemicals. They are non-flammable materials that are difficult to break down or disintegrate.

Additionally, it is soundproof and provides protection from the chilly concrete floor.

Top 6 Best Garage Containment Mats

ImageProductDetails  Price
Armor All Floor MatArmor All Floor MatAbsorbent for all liquidsCheck Price
TruContain Containment MatTruContain Containment MatEasy installationCheck Price
Hanjet Containment MatHanjet Containment Matexcellent noise reductionCheck Price
Hugger Covers Containment MatsHugger Covers Containment MatsEasy to work onCheck Price
IncStores Garage MatIncStores Garage MatMade of premium based qualityCheck Price
Kalasoneer Absorbant MatKalasoneer Absorbant MatVariable sizes to choose fromCheck Price

Armor All Floor Mat

Armor All Floor Mat

This mat is intended to cover all cracks and shield the garage floor from tire marks, oil spills, stains, and other damage while also protecting it from such things.

It also has the benefit of allowing the garage to double as a children’s playroom, a venue for gatherings, or a center for fitness. All liquids are contained, absorbed, and moisture is driven away by the water-resistant fabric. 

Additionally, it shields the area underneath from any stains. The mat is kept in place by its ability to resist slipping. This is great since it can be readily cut with scissors to fit into any place.

With a hose, vacuum, or power wash and a little detergent, it is simple to clean. The remaining water can then be wet vacuumed or squeezed out, and the item can dry. With the included double-sided tape, installation is really easy.

Even while the mat will initially have some wrinkles, in time it will loosen and relax into a smooth surface. The bottom layer is constructed of polyolefin with a liquid-bonded waterproof backing, while the top layer is made of nonwoven polyester fabric that is 50% recycled. 

Material: Polyester
Item Weight: 12.9 pounds
Dimension: ‎204 x 88 x 0.13 inches
Colour: Charcoal
Shape: Rectangular
Special feature: Water-proof, slip-resistant.

Key Features
  • Durable material
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Easy maintenance
  • Absorbent fabric
  • Slip-resistant
  • Customizable fit
  • Protects surfaces
  • Multi-purpose
  • Absorbent for all liquids
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy installation
  • Double-sided tape
  • Expensive
  • 3-day wait to use after installation

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • The edges of this carpet don’t fray when it is cut.
  • It is easy to clean with a vacuum and doesn’t require bleach.
  • The waterproof back doesn’t allow water to pass through it and damage the floor.
  • It has a carpet-like look and feels very soft to move on.
  • Being slip-resistant, it stays in its place even when it is wet.

TruContain Containment Mat

TruContain Containment Mat

Users have only given the TruContain Containment mat positive feedback and believe it to be the best containment mat available. This mat is heavier, stronger, better looking, and has a smart design.

It has turned out as flexible and sturdy because it is made of heat-welded polyvinyl chloride. Additionally, the PVC substance strengthens the edges to stop spills. 

PVC is also used because it increases durability. The substance of the mat also contributes to the mat’s higher absorbency. They are positioned behind the seams, giving the mat a better texture and making it lighter.

The mat is very simple to maintain and clean as a result. The mat is simple to put in place and therefore, it is extremely easy to install and use.

The high-density foam edging’s heat welds are likewise of very high quality. TruContain made the decision to transfer the mat’s welds from its top to its bottom.

Added to their extremely popular basic containment mat is a heavy-duty variant from TruContain. This mat, known as the TruContain HD, is made of 33% thicker Polyester Scrim fabric than their ordinary mats.

This results in a finer appearance and improved weather protection for the welds. The mats are backed by a one-year warranty from TruContain. All of this is accomplished at a comparable cost.

Material: Polyvinyl chloride
Size: 7’9″x18′
Wash Instructions: Hand Wash Only
Dimension: 216″L x 93″W
Item Weight: 23 pounds
Colour: Grey
Product Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 25 inches
Shape: Rectangular
Special feature: Installs in minutes, no assembly needed
Construction Type: Machine Made

Key Features
  • Smart design
  • Easy installation
  • No assembly is required
  • Attractive color
  • Heavier fabric as compared to other mats
  • Free shipping across the USA
  • Strong yet, flexible
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy installation
  • Sometimes the mat might not stay in place

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • All the seams are placed under the mat.
  • It is heat welded which makes it strong yet flexible for use.
  • It is highly textured which makes it easy to use and clean.
  • The infused fabric with a height of nearly 1.25 inches makes it better looking.

Hanjet Containment Mat

Hanjet Containment Mat

The Hanjet containment mat is created from environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless materials that do not irritate the skin. It has 100% leak-proof seams that are thermally welded and heat-sealed.

This containment mat prevents any stored fluids from spilling out onto your garage floor and features raised, cell-phone containment edges.

This mat will withstand and shield your garage floor from any impurities that your car may bring inside during the year. The Hanjet garage car floor mat lacks tread patterns, unlike most mats made for garage use.

To keep snow and water within, this bigger mat has raised edges rather than tread patterns. During the winter, this serves as a snow floor protector, but it must be regularly cleaned out with a broom because melting snow can make it slick.

Your floor covering is safe thanks to its stay-put corners because water won’t get caught underneath them. Customers swear there was no spillage whatsoever after using it for months at a time without moving it.

Because of the cell foam that is already inside these floor mats, they are also very durable.

Sizes: 7’9” x 16’, 7’9” x 18’, 8’6” x 20’
Item Weight: 22.1 pounds
Color: Black
Package Dimensions: ‎20.5 x 15.1 x 7.2 inches
Material: commercial-grade woven PVC fabric
Brand: Hanjet

Key Features
  • Quick and easy installation
  • High performance
  • Quality material
  • Advanced technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxin
  • Non-irritating
  • High density to support durability
  • good traction control
  • Comfortable working on
  • protects the floor from the cold
  • excellent noise reduction
  • Rolling creepers and toolboxes over carpet are more difficult.
  • It is more obvious when a damaged section has to be replaced.

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • The company replies within 24hrs if any problem is encountered.
  • It is specifically designed as a garage floor mat.
  • It is de-noising, water-resistant, and highly durable.
  • It is extremely easy to clean even with the help of a broom.

Hugger Covers Containment Mats

Hugger Covers Containment Mats

A well-known Canadian manufacturer of car accessories is Hugger Covers. Your garage floor will be completely protected by their all-season containment from leaks of water, salt, filth, snow, and oil.

It’s extremely easy to use, just roll it out. No special assembly is required for it. To assemble and use it, it is required that all the packaging is removed and the garage floor is cleaned properly for proper use. 

After applying it to the ground, let it stay there simply for an hour or two. It would allow all the creases and wrinkles to die down. After that, you should face no hindrances in parking your car.

It even comes in truck size and has a large water storing capacity.

This fiberglass mesh-coated vinyl mat is a single piece with a 3/4″ stitched edging around it. You must roll it out for installation and wait for the creases and wrinkling to disappear.

It is quite easy to clean; simply sweep the dust off with a broom or squeegee. Additionally, you receive a 6-month warranty as a bonus.

Manufacturer: Hugger Covers
Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car, ATV, Truck
Part Number: GMC
Fit Type: Universal Fit
Size: 8’x18′
Item Weight: ‎30 pounds
Material: Fiberglass mesh-coated vinyl
Package Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 16 inches
Manufacturer Part Number: GMC

Key Features
  • Waterproof, non-slip, and anti-fatigue
  • reinforced with a scrim to prevent expansion and contraction
  • stylish and adaptable
  • simple DIY installation
  • naturally stain- and odor-resistant
  • industrial-grade durability and flexibility
  • excellent for winterization and snow containment
  • No water leakage
  • Easy to work on
  • Affordable
  • Thin in appearance

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • It is a suitable product to hold salt, water, and other grimes.
  • It allows the car to park without causing wrinkles in it.
  • It is easy to use and allows the removal of certain debris by brushing it off.

IncStores Garage Mat

IncStores Garage Mat

This durable garage floor mat rolls out easily to reinforce the floor in a matter of minutes while yet keeping a budget-friendly garage cover solution.

It is constructed of solid vinyl and is located in a huge garage where it can withstand anything from floor jacks to large vehicles. Their construction was done with the greatest adaptability in mind. 

With a low-profile garage floor cover option that uses moisture-resistant textured polyvinyl and is made to handle your home’s harshest spaces without being difficult to live with, you can seamlessly strengthen the floor in minutes.

Maximum adaptability and an industrial design are built into it. The room can be readily navigated because these mats fit edge to edge. Additionally, they are simple to trim and may be altered to fit any dimension.

They can fit below machines and storage, making them the perfect mechanic and workshop floor mats. They are also perfect for trade fair floors, box trailer floors, and commercial warehouses thanks to their oil resistance.

Material: Vinyl Stainless Steel
Dimension: 4’X4’
Product Dimension: ‎48 x 48 x 0.06 inches
Colour: Grey
Item Weight: 14 pounds
Shape: Diamond
Included Components: Garage Roll
Special feature: Durable, Anti-slip

Key Features
  • These are available in 4 amazing textures.
  • The longest warranty offered is for 7 years.
  • They can be used for industrial, garage, and floor carpeting.
  • It avoids the corners from turning.
  • Easy to install
  • Made of premium-based quality
  • Free equipment movement
  • Patterns of 2 pieces may not match by factory processing

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • This product revolutionizes carpeting mats as it is a universal fit.
  • It has expandability.
  • It is highly textured which makes it easy to clean.

Kalasoneer Absorbant Mat

Kalasoneer Absorbant Mat

This mat is made of dense, absorbent fibers that can handle all types of liquids, including oil. The mat is therefore perfect for the driveway, parking lot, maintenance shop, and garage.

To meet any size or shape, the mat can be cut with scissors to fit all measurements. It is reusable after being cleaned and is machine washable.

The oil spill mat’s waterproof backing prevents any oily liquid or water from penetrating and harming the garage floor. The cloth is long-lasting, resistant to wear, and resistant to ripping.

Additionally, it can stick to one spot and adhere to the surface thanks to the waterproof backside. Because it is anti-wear, anti-tear, and slip-resistant, it can withstand heavy use for a few years.

The oil spill mat is made of compacted and dense fabric which is designed to absorb oil or other liquid. The parking lot, garage, driveway, and maintenance shop are all empty.

The oil spill mat has a waterproof film covering on the back that can keep other liquids from leaking through. Additionally, the mat can be anchored to the surface by the smooth waterproof backing, which will stop it from shifting.

Material: Fabric
Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
Dimension: 36″ X60″
Package Dimensions: ‎16.69 x 11.3 x 2.44 inches
Colour: Black
Manufacturer: Kalasoneer
Shape: Rectangle
Special feature: Machine wash or hand wash, reusable

Key Features
  • It is a perfect absorbent.
  • Waterproof
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to fit
  • Variable sizes to choose from
  • Cut for all sizes
  • Washable and reusable
  • waterproof
  • Remains damp longer

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • The mat is comprised of smooth waterproof film and compact fabric.
  • With a pair of scissors, the mat is readily cut to fit any size.
  • The mat is simple to clean with a washing machine, horse, or vacuum, and it can be dried by hanging.
  • Unwanted oil or other liquids can’t soak through thanks to the backing’s smooth

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it actually worth buying a garage containment match?
Your garage floor surface will be protected by a suitable mat. If you’ve spent money on a garage floor, it’s an asset that should be safeguarded. Even if you only have a concrete slab, a neat, clean garage floor provides a better impression than an unsightly, soiled one when it comes time to sell your home.
Should I buy a rubber garage mat?
The majority of rubber floor mats are quite good at their fundamental purpose of stain protection for garage floors. Nevertheless, due to possible adhesive residue, at least one manufacturer does advise confirming compatibility with specific types of epoxy floors.
Do color effects the water-containing ability of a garage mat?
This relies on your own preferences and your goals. Grey and basic black are both popular colors for garage floor mats. A broad variety of colors are available with interlocking tiles, which can expand the alternatives for a garage décor motif. Some do-it-yourselfers also favor a white garage floor so that lost screws or sockets may be found more easily.

As you can see, there are a variety of garage floor mat types and designs available. It also relies on the garage material you select and the size you want to cover. They are quite useful, and you can even bring them when you move out.

The best garage floor mat depends on specific user characteristics. But we advise choosing the TruContain Containment mat because it is sturdy and saves the garage floor from damage by soaking up all the spilled oil.

The Armor All Original Garage Floor Mat is the next product we recommend since it is absorbent, protects the floor, and is simple to install with double-sided tape.!

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