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It takes running out of petrol in the middle of the highway and being stuck to understand the importance of a gas can. A gas can is almost vital if you frequently take lengthy road journeys.

It comes in useful when you run out of petrol and there isn’t a gas station nearby. Aside from that, you can use it to fill up a lawnmower or other gas-powered garden equipment.


Apart from choosing a gas can that meets your demands, you must also learn how to properly preserve the fuel so that it does not become polluted or harm anything or anyone.

To ensure that the fuel maintains its quality, you may need to add specific additives. My goal in writing this article is to assist you in finding the best gas can on the market right now.


Editor’s Choice

No-Spill 1450 gas can

No-Spill 1450 gas can - Best Gas Can

  • Controlled via a button.
  • It’s quite simple to use.
  • Capacity: 5 gallons.
Best Pick

Justrite 7250130 safety can

Justrite 7250130 safety can - Best Gas Can

  • Dent-resistant material.
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Capacity: 5 gallons.
Best Pick

Eagle UI-50-FS gasoline can

Eagle UI-50-FS gasoline can - Best Gas Can

  • Simple release the gas.
  • There are no leaks.
  • Capacity: 5 gallons.


Sugarcan Gas Fuel Can

Sugar can gas fuel can

If you’re seeking something truly distinctive, you should realize that the SureCan gas can is a cutting-edge model with a striking appearance. It features proprietary anti-spill technology, including a thumb release trigger and spinning nozzle.

The design of the gas can allow the fuel to be dispensed from the bottom by gravity. You won’t have to lean over to tip the can while pouring the gas this way.

You’ll also be able to maintain your hands clear of gasoline. Additionally, The SureCan gas can also have its own ventilation system, which is a fantastic feature.

This allows for a smooth, quick flow with no glugging. The rotating nozzle is long and flexible, allowing for a secure hold. All you have to do now is guide the gas to where you want it to go.

This translates to ease of use and high levels of security. It’s worth noting that the SureCan gas can is made in the United States from high-quality components and is CARB-certified.

Key features
  • Plastics of superior grade.
  • A long and flexible rotating nozzle.
  • Thumb release button.
  • The mechanism for self-ventilation.
  • Capacity: 2.2 gallons
  • It’s simple to use.
  • Secure and durable.
  • Design that is both unique and lovely.
  • While pouring the gas, avoid bending or tipping the can over.
  • CARB-certified.
  • The cap’s tab might be a touch tight for you.

Why we choose this product?

The SureCan Fuel Gas Can is, without a question, the best plastic gas can, thanks to its spinning nozzle, gorgeous design, and excellent durability, among other qualities.

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No-Spill 1450 Gas Can

Editor’s choiceNo-Spill-1450-Gas-Can

This type, like the 1405 and 1415, features a thumb control for precise dispensing. To start pouring the gas, simply press a button, then use the same button to regulate the flow.

When you’re finished, all you have to do is let off of the button, and the flow will cease. You can fill even the tiniest tank openings with a funnel spout that spans 7/8 inches.

The spout is covered with a dust cover to keep it clean. 1450, like the other No-Spill versions, is built for a quick pour, at 3 gallons per minute.

This style is one of the most user-friendly 5-gallon gas cans available, including a rear handle for pouring.

Key features
  • Controlled via a button.
  • Pour spout with a 7/8-inch hole for narrow openings.
  • Includes a quick pour.
  • Capacity: 5 gallons.
  • Gas container made of plastic.
  • It’s quite simple to use.
  • Secure.
  • The dust cover maintains your spout clean and reduces the need for manual cleaning.
  • With a rear handle for easy pouring, it’s very user-friendly.
  • The tip design on the nozzle isn’t great, but it’s better than what you’ll get in the retail supermarkets.

Why we choose this product?

1450 meets CARB and ATSM F-85299 criteria as a No-Spill product. That implies the can meets the requirements for the storage and use of gasoline and other fuels, giving you peace of mind as a buyer.

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Eagle UI-50-FS Gasoline Can

Eagle UI 50 FS Gasoline Can

This one is not only visually stunning with its red and yellow color theme, but it’s also incredibly durable. It has a baked-on powder coat and is built of 24-gauge galvanized steel. The gas will be almost difficult to spill as a result of this.

The spring-loaded cover makes it even more difficult for the gas or vapors to leave. A neoprene gasket works as a ventilation device for the gas can on this lid. A flame arrestor feature prevents the gas from bursting into flames in the event of a fire or flames.

Best of all,

The Eagle UI-50-FS comes with a complimentary polyethylene pour funnel, unlike most other gas cans, in case the pour spout does not match the opening of your machine’s or car’s gas tank.

Working the gas can is also easy, thanks to a revolutionary comfortable-grip trigger and a fixed handle.

It’s no surprise that the Eagle UI-50-FS has received FM approval and is listed with the UL and ULC. It is also manufactured following OSHA and NFPA requirements.

Key features
  • The lid closes with a spring.
  • The body is made of 24-gauge galvanized steel.
  • Pour funnel made of polyethylene that is free.
  • The trigger has a comfortable grip.
  • The color scheme is red and yellow.
  • It has a 5-gallon capacity.
  • It’s simple to release the gas.
  • There are no leaks.
  • It is made of high-quality, long-lasting materials.
  • OSHA, FM, and NFPA certifications are all available.
  • Wonderful.
  • Poor handling may cause the paint to flake off.

Why we choose this product?

The body of the Eagle UI-50-FS is made of 24-gauge galvanized steel. It also has a spring-loaded cover that prevents leakage. This is, in our opinion, a high-quality can that is about as secure as you can get at a very decent cost.

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Briggs & Stratton 85053 Gas Can

Briggs & Stratton 85053 gas can

Do you require a gas can for medium- or large-scale gas-powered machines, such as a generator or a rowboat? A gas can with a 5-gallon capacity, such as the Briggs & Stratton 85053, would be ideal.

The self-venting smart fill spout on this gas can is one of its most notable features, as it enables spilling the gas a breeze.

But besides that, when you lift the nozzle from the fuel tank you’re filling, a cut-off valve stops it automatically.

Isn’t that a fantastic comfort?

This feature prevents additional gas droplets from flowing and Odors from escaping. The nozzle’s tip is slanted to make pouring more secure and easier while also allowing you to view the inside of the vessel you’re filling.


Another fantastic feature of the Briggs & Stratton 85053 is the dust cap, which protects the engine from dust and debris. It’s also made following EPA and CARB regulations.

If you have any trouble using the can, there are graphic guidelines on the side and the smart fill spout comes with a child-proof cover to keep children safe.

Key features
  • The container has a capacity of 5 gallons.
  • Smart fill spout with self-venting.
  • Close the valve to automatically close the nozzle.
  • Pouring is made easier with the nozzle’s angled tip.
  • The pour spout has a child-safe lid.
  • Extremely simple and easy to use.
  • On the container are instructions for use as well as a link to online videos.
  • EPA and CARB approved.
  • It has security mechanisms to prevent children from using it.
  • You can see the inside of the vessel you’re pouring into thanks to the nozzle’s structure.
  • The nozzle is a little flimsy.

Why we choose this product?

If you are the one who enjoys mowing the lawn regularly, you’ll need a gas can with a large enough capacity to avoid frequent journeys to the gas station.

This 5-gallon gas can is ideal for use with a lawnmower.

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Justrite 7250130 Safety Can

Justrite 7250130 Safety Can

When purchasing a gas can, search for one that is effective at wadding off sparks and resisting fire. While thinking along those lines, the Justrite 7250130 comes to mind as the greatest option.

The stainless-steel flame arrestor on this gas can not only prevent it from rust but also dispels heat to prevent igniting.

The nozzle can also be safely placed thanks to the 3.5-inch-long arrester. The Justrite 7250130 is versatile, since it may be used to store not only gasoline, but also kerosene, diesel, or any gas-oil mixture. The fill port on the can has a comfortable lift lever that makes filling a breeze.


Controlling the liquid flow into and out of the container becomes simple when this is combined with the revolutionary safe-squeeze trigger.

The hose is 9 inches long and made of metal to assist you to manage the flow of gas even when working with a small aperture.

Aside from that, the container has a self-closing lid that effectively controls spills and vapors. The can’s tough powder coat protects it from toxins and is designed to keep it stable in hostile environments.

Key features
  • The design is ventilated.
  • Trigger with a safe-squeeze feature.
  • From the can to the hose, it’s all galvanized steel.
  • The finish is a tough powder coat.
  • Self-closing lid with built-in pressure release.
  • The handle is contoured and comfortable.
  • The container has a capacity of 5 gallons.
  • Capable of preventing ignition.
  • Comfortable and simple to use.
  • Lead-free materials are used.
  • There are no leaks.
  • Dent-resistant material.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • A unique ten-year guarantee is included.
  • To be honest, there are nearly no negative aspects to this one. One word of caution, though: make sure the spout matches your car’s fill spout. If in doubt, a funnel will suffice.

Why we choose this product?

Don’t look any farther if you’re seeking an automobile gas can. Nothing could be better than a safe-squeeze trigger and flame-resistance features combined with the comfortable lift lever. Also, there are no significant disadvantages.

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No-Spill 1405 Gas Can

No-Spill 1405 gas can

If you’ve ever used a gas can, you’re familiar with how spills happen. The majority of the time, you’re tipping the can to get the gas to flow out the spout and into the target vessel.

They can also happen when you remove the spout from the vessel after you’ve finished filling the tank. With the No-Spill 1405, you can say goodbye to all of that hassle.

The spout on this can gives you complete control. To begin pouring, simply place the pour spout into the target vessel’s opening and press the button.

When you’re finished, simply release the button, and the flow will come to a complete halt. This effectively eliminates leaks and overflows.


The pour spout on this model has the fastest dispensing nozzle on the market. Most other brands flow about 1.5 to 2 gallons per minute, but this one pours at up to 3 gallons per minute, almost twice as fast.

Another amazing feature is that you can fill the vessel without pressing the spout against the tank’s opening.

Is it difficult to get to the opening of your tank?

You’re covered by No-Spill. It comes with a 6″ flex spout extension that allows you to fill hard-to-reach tank holes in on-road cars, sailboats, and other vehicles.

However, this add-on is available for purchase individually.

Key features
  • Controlled via a push-button.
  • The flow stops on its own.
  • The warranty is for three years.
  • The nozzle disperses quickly.
  • The volume is 2.5 gallons.
  • At the touch of a button, you have convenient, simple control.
  • There are no leaks or overflows.
  • ATSM quality criteria are met.
  • Spout extension for tanks with difficult-to-reach openings.
  • During filling, there’s no need to press the spout against the tank’s opening.
  • For the auto-stop feature to work effectively, you may need to press the button all the way in while spilling the gas.

Why we choose this product?

Do you know what makes you more confident in the brand’s quality? The ASTM has tested and certified No-Spill cans, indicating that they are designed to exact requirements, particularly when it comes to the storage of combustible fuels.

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No-Spill 1415 Gas Can

No-Spill 1415 gas can

The No-Spill brand offers a smaller variant. This model, like the 1405 version, has amazing features including thumb control for easy, precise pouring.

Aside from that, the No-Spill 1415 has a 7/8-inch funnel spout that makes filling even small apertures easy. The spout stays clean for the most part when a dust cover is installed.

The nozzle of this gas can have auto-stop, so once you’ve finished distributing the gas, simply release the button and pull back the spout. The flow comes to a halt automatically.


Filling and pouring the can are done through the same opening, making it even easier to use. Another nice aspect is that the body of the can has been treated to reduce permeability.

Leaks and fumes are no longer an issue.

Remember that No-Spill includes a 6-inch spout extension in case the tank opening on your machine or car is difficult to reach. Normally, you’d have to buy it separately.

The No-Spill 1415 complies with CARB regulations and is designed to ATSM specifications.

Key features
  • For precise dispensing, use the thumb control.
  • To keep the spout clean, use a dust cover.
  • Filling narrow apertures with a funnel spout.
  • Low permeability is handled in the body.
  • Capacity: 1.25 gallons.
  • The interface is really user-friendly.
  • There was no leaking or flaring.
  • Compliant with CARB and ATSM.
  • The filling is exact and easy to use.
  • The flow comes to a halt automatically.
  • There are too many safety mechanisms on the can, making it difficult to open for refilling.
  • This may be advantageous to some people.

Why we choose this product?

If you’re looking for a great gas can for keeping a little amount of gas for less regular use, this 1.25-gallon can from No-Spill is a great choice and by the way, this is the ideal motorbike gas can.

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20 Liter (5.2 gallons) NATO Jerry Gas Can

20 Liter (5.2 gallons) NATO Jerry can for gas, diesel, kerosene (RED)

This jerry can work with either a gasoline car or a diesel apparatus tank. With a capacity of 20 liters of fuel, you’ll be safe on lengthy travels with a backup gas supply.

This is one of the highest-quality gas cans on the market, with a variety of unique features.

It has 0.9 mm thick steel walls and an inside liner made of Rezol, which has anti-rust qualities. There’s an interior breather pipe that’s supposed to keep the pouring under control and prevent splashing.

The three handles make carrying and pouring the petrol into the tank easier. Best of all, The bayonet closure is leak-proof, giving you peace of mind when using this gas can.

A locking pin has been incorporated for the cap to properly seal it and prevent the inadvertent opening of the gas can.

This gas can have been authorized by the DOT, EPA, and CARB, a wonderful quality guarantee. The gas can have an adaptor and spout that makes it suitable for all cars.

Key features
  • To avoid breaking, solid welding is used.
  • NATO jerry can that is 100 percent real.
  • There are three handles to make carrying simpler.
  • The container has a capacity of 20 liters.
  • It is completely leak-proof.
  • Because it is comprised of 0.9mm steel walls, it is extremely durable.
  • The cap has a locking pin to prevent inadvertent opening.
  • Spout and adapter are included.
  • The flow rate is quick.
  • It’s possible to be leakproof.
  • With nozzle attachment, create a steady stream.
  • Suitable for all gasoline-powered cars.
  • It’s simple to transport and utilize.
  • The handles have weak spot welds.
  • It’s easy to scratch.

Why we choose this product?

This is a one-hundred percent NATO gas can with a lot to offer. As a result, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, making it a worthwhile purchase.

Because the spout and handle may be used on any vehicle, even those with smaller receivers.

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Midwest 5600-4PK Gas Can

Midwest can 5600-4PK gas can

If you’re environmentally conscious around you, which I think we all should be, you should know that the Midwest Can 5600-4PK was designed with high environmentally friendly in consideration.

The can is made of durable HDPE materials that almost eliminate hydrocarbon emissions. That’s not all, though. The can is so sturdy because of this construction that it will last a long period.


The Midwest Can 5600-4PK can contain up to 5 gallons of gas, kerosene, and other hazardous fuels, and the best part is that it not only meets but surpasses the EPA and California Air Resource Board (CARB) criteria.

The Midwest Can 5600-4PK, unlike most other gas cans, has two handles for amazingly handling and use. additionally, the can has a wider base and a lower COG (center of gravity) to reduce the likelihood of it falling over.

And, in the odd event that the can does flip over, the spout is engineered to close automatically, preventing gas from escaping.

Key features
  • Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Capacity: 5 gallons.
  • Gas container made of plastic.
  • The spout has an airtight seal.
  • Tipping over is a rare occurrence.
  • With two handles, it’s super easy to handle and utilize.
  • EPA and CARB criteria are met.
  • To prevent unintentional flow, the spout automatically closes.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • A vent would be helpful.

Why we choose this product?

You don’t go for any other can while searching for a gas can for long-term storage. It is best to purchase because the Midwest Can 5600-4PK has a wide base to reduce the chances of it tipping over.

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Wavian Authentic NATO Jerry Fuel Can

Wavian authentic NATO Jerry fuel can

Wavian is one of the companies that is known for producing high-quality fuel cans. This NATO jerry can is no exception, and it has been thoroughly tested to verify that it is suitable for its intended use.

The 0.9mm steel walls are noteworthy because they are completely responsible for the can’s lifetime. You won’t have to worry about rust inside the can because it has a Rezol anti-rust lining.


The cap features a locking pin, which is useful since it prevents the cap from being accidentally opened. This is a precautionary measure, and there is also an internal breather pipe.

This is very important because it will give you a lot of control while spilling the fuel and will reduce any leaking.

Nobody wants to carry gas in a can that is leaking, which is why the bayonet closure has been designed to be entirely leakproof. Because of the three handles, carrying this fuel can will be a breeze.

This gas can is permitted for sale in all 50 states of North America because it has been manufactured to the highest standards.

Key features
  • Rust-proof steel jerry can for military use.
  • The bayonet has a quick-release nozzle and is leak-proof.
  • For splash-free spilling, use a broad breather.
  • The cap has a locking pin to prevent unintentional opening.
  • It has three handles to make it easy to carry.
  • To keep it from rusting, it’s lined with Rezol.
  • Capacity: 20 liters.
  • Fuel can from NATO.
  • The flow rate is high.
  • It’s possible to be leakproof.
  • Lined with a rust-resistant material.
  • Steel walls that have been cold rolled.
  • All cars are accommodated by the adapter and spout.
  • The plastic nozzle is fragile.
  • The lid will not close.

Why we choose this product?

This gasoline can is of exceptional quality, as it is the only military-grade steel fuel gas can on the market. The maker has gone to great lengths to ensure that it is simple to use and transport.

The extensive testing has resulted in a 100 percent genuine NATO jerry can.

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What Should You Consider Before Buying a Gas Can?


Plastic or aluminum gas cans are available.

Gas cans made of plastic are lightweight and affordable. They’re suitable for usage in most household settings, and they’re popular because of their low cost.

On the other hand,

Their plastic substance might break down with time, releasing toxins into the gas and reducing the can’s longevity. A plastic gas can is more likely to melt than explode in the case of a fire.

Metal gas cans are bulky and expensive, but they are extremely long-lasting. Stainless steel is commonly used in their construction, as it provides long-term corrosion resistance and endurance.

They can rust in the long run, although it usually takes years.

Pour spout:

Many gas cans include built-in fuel nozzles or spouts that make pouring petrol directly into a tank a breeze. Some even feature valves that let you alter the tank’s angle without spilling the contents all over the filler neck.

A funnel will come in handy if your gas can doesn’t have an integrated nozzle. They’re available in metal or plastic, and they’ll keep your mower, vehicle, or generator from leaking.


The capacity of your ideal gas can play a role in your decision. Because there are so many different sizes and volumes, it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

In general, homeowners may get by with a 2.5-gallon can. This can size will retain enough fuel for weekly mowing, trimming, and chainsaw work for a month, or two.

It will also ensure that you use your fuel before it starts to deteriorate. In these situations, 5-gallon cans are great because they’re light and provide lots of volume.

There are also 1-gallon cans available. They’re small and easy to handle, making them an appealing option for shelf storage.


When selecting the ideal gas can for your purposes, keep usability in mind. You don’t need a large gas can if you just fill your push lawnmower a couple of times a year.

If you’re keeping gas for a generator, a larger metal container will ensure you have enough high-quality fuel throughout the winter or storm season.

Fuel tanks on wheels are sometimes available, allowing you to transport fuel to the machine without having to carry it.

These types may even include built-in transfer pumps, eliminating the need to raise them.

Safety features:

Some gas cans, notably certified safety cans, are equipped with additional safety elements.

If you’re going on the road with your gas can, seek one with a spring-loaded lid or valve. Even while splashing around in the back of a truck, they’ll assist seal the tank against leaks.

Flame arresters can also be found in some gas. These devices keep sparks from going down a filler neck and igniting gasoline vapors.

Standard gas cans with valve locks are also available, which protect you from accidentally opening the valve while handling the can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is driving with a gas can in the car secure?
Carrying a gas can in your car, even if it’s empty, is extremely dangerous. Placing a gas can in your car might expose you to harmful fumes and constitute a fire risk.

If you absolutely must have a gas can in your vehicle, keep it outside the vehicle, such as in the bed of your truck or strapped to your roof rack.

What is the best place for me to keep my gas container?
The best place to keep gas cans is in a well-ventilated room, shed, or storage cabinet that keeps them out of the weather and away from corrosive substances.

To limit the possibility of an accidental fire damaging your home, keep your gas cans away from your house, preferably in an outbuilding or a shed.

Is it possible for a gas to burst if it is exposed to the sun?
Your gas cans will not normally burst if they are exposed to direct sunlight.

If you utilize plastic gas cans, nevertheless, extended exposure to bright sunshine will cause them to wear out more quickly than if they were stored away from harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Spoiler title
The storage of more than 25 gallons of gas by a single homeowner is usually prohibited by local fire laws.

Furthermore, the gasoline should be divided among certified gas cans with a capacity of 5 gallons or less.

Can I keep fuel in a gas can for a long time?
It’s preferable to utilize gas within a month of purchasing it at a gas station.

But, if you keep your gas can at ambient temperature and out of direct sunlight, it should last for up to six months.

What is the best way to clean up a gasoline spill?
You can usually absorb a tiny spill with paper, rags, or sawdust if it’s a small one. If there is a major spill, try to control it and collect the gasoline from the surface.

To determine the best way to dispose of the gas, see your local hazardous waste disposal rules. It should never be thrown out with the trash, poured down the drain, or dumped into the sewer system.

Is it better to use metal or plastic gas cans?
Although metal gas cans last longer, plastic gas cans are less costly and lighter. The material that will work is determined by your requirements.
Is it necessary to evacuate gas cans?
For security, metal gas cans should be evacuated. If they come into contact with fire, they may build up pressure and explode.

While plastic cans can benefit from venting as well, they are more likely to melt than explode in a fire.

Conclusion: That’s all the information you’ll need to find the best gas can in the industry, as well as how to use and keep it securely. I extensively examined each gas cans to give you the best gas can review available on the internet.

While reviewing the features and quality of the gas cans, make sure to assess their utility based on your specific requirements. The buying guidance section is designed to help you select your choices and choose the best solution for you.

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