Best Propane Torches – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Best Propane Torches Reviews & Buyer Guide

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Looking for a propane torch? A propane torch is universally called a “blow lamp”, or a “blow torch”. A propane torch gets most of the work done for people at workshops or home.

It is used for welding, brazing, soldering, softening, and pre-heating most metals.  

One of the least expensive and the safest gasses to be used in workshops is Propane. Generally, it is used to produce a powerful flame with the help of oxygen, but now it can also work effectively without the help of oxygen tanks.

This not only makes it a catch to buying but so far the only option to consider for people with a low budget. 

 A propane torch is a handheld torch used mainly for construction or manufacturing and meal work.

The best propane torches can be used to unfreeze the pipes or driveaways filled with snow in winters. They instantly melt away the ice and thaw the effects of cold weather.

Choosing a propane torch with high intensities can ease out a lot of professional work. A propane torch is a useful tool in all aspects, even if one wants to remove weeds from their garden.

These are versatile torches with speed and flexibility.

This article provides you with thorough research on torch heads and propane torches with their models, reliability, temperatures, and uses.

Whether you require a propane torch for wood burning or roofing torch, a propane torch for brazing or melting away ice; we’ve got you all covered.

Best Propane Torches: Things to Know Before Buying

Wondering what is the purpose of a buying guide for propane torches? It is a critical task to choose a propane torch since all sorts of brands and functions are in hype nowadays.

With our help, you can choose propane torches ranging from a minimal price of $30 to a high price of $100. There are several things you need to keep in mind while choosing a propane torch.

Price Range

Propane torches are most commonly to be found with gardeners and usually certain homeowners. These vary with the price. You may buy an expensive propane torch and it might come without a gas tank or propane itself.

You might be spending very little to no money in comparison and get a 5-gallon gas tank and the price of propane depends upon the number of refills you do.

Size of Tip

Focusing on a tip size is as important as buying a propane torch itself. If one is to remove weeds, he is to buy a propane torch with a fine tip so it could reach the weed in the narrow portions.

In this case, prefer a propane torch with a size ranging between three quarters of an inch to an inch and a half.

This will allow you to decide which plants come in contact with the flame. It helps to save particular flowers that you might have sown with much labor.

If one is to melt ice from the driveaways or pipes, for this a propane tank with a wide tip is required.

A tip ranging from one and a half inches to three inches in diameter may be used for covering large surfaces. These torches will release flame at high levels that will help to cover large surfaces in a lesser time.


The propane torch you choose should be of exceptional quality. For durability purposes, it is advised not to replace your propane torch frequently. Most commonly these torches are made of aluminum and steel.

Lower quality products are manufactured of lighter metals like brass, rubber, and plastic. Certain components like torch head, pipe, and bell are durable.

Flame Time

Certain torches come with a built-in valve that helps the user to control the flame size depending on the work and need of the hour. These come with the lowest setting for narrow areas. It not only is an efficient feature but in the long run, saves you a lot of money.  

Since the narrow nozzle doesn’t allow the loss of propane, therefore it allows the refilling of propane at odd timings. Large nozzles of three diameters may allow the uptake of five gallons of propane within an hour depending on the nozzle settings.


Propane torches come in different weights depending upon the tank capacity. Some propane torches discussed in the article below range from 1 to 5 pounds in weight.

British Thermal Unit

The British Thermal Unit or BTU is a unit of heat used traditionally.  The efficiency of a propane torch is determined by its BTU unit. Best propane torches range in BTU from 20,000 to 50,000 units.

Propane Capacity

Usually, the gas capacity for propane torches comes between 14 ounces to 16 ounces for a seamless connection. These little capacity propane torches make it easier to move along with the torches. 

Other propane torches come in large sizes that are difficult to move and carry. This will require a hose to connect to the tank so that your reach is not limited. In addition, a large tank will make you tired soon.

Ease in Using

You should buy propane that is not very high-tech and difficult to use. Buy one that has easier and simpler functions that can be adopted for the first time.

It is better to buy one with the ignition switch. This ensures that the flame does not go out of hand and harm the user. This also helps to send the spark directly into the torch.

These only require the turning on of the switch. Choosing a propane torch that has a hassle-free torch is a big task.

A propane torch that requires igniting fire by a match will take your hand dangerously close to the flame nozzle.

Top 6 Best Propane Torches

Bernzomatic Propane TorchBernzomatic Propane Torch Easy access to placesCheck Price
Bernzomatic Outdoor TorchBernzomatic Outdoor Torch High output with a large flameCheck Price
Hot Max Propane Torch Hot Max Propane Torch Modeled handle for control and comfortCheck Price
Bernzomatic Pencil Flame Propane TorchBernzomatic Pencil Flame Propane Torch High-quality productCheck Price
Bravex Weed Burner Propane TorchBravex Weed Burner Propane Torch Heats large surface areas with easeCheck Price
Mag-Burner Weed Torch Mag-Burner Weed Torch High-intensity flameCheck Price

Best Propane Torches (Features): Comparison Table

Propane Torch




Bernzomatic Propane Torch


No Rating

2.07 pounds

Bernzomatic Outdoor Torch



1 pound

Hot Max Propane Torch



4.8 pounds

Bernzomatic Pencil Flame Propane Torch


No Rating

5.6 ounces

Weed Burner Propane Torch


No Rating

1.7 kg

Mag-Burner Weed Torch

Not Announced


3.94 pounds

Bernzomatic Propane Torch

Bernzomatic Propane Torch

Bernzomatic Trigger-start hose torch is the best available propane torch used for welding, soldering, and brazing.

This has a long built-in nozzle to keep your hands away from the flame and an easily adjustable body for a better hand grip. This propane torch is one of those few that provide ease to work.

Bernzomatic Propane Torch comes with a trigger to turn on and off the flame switch. It also gives the ease to lock the flame in a constant position that avoids holding it for too long.

Manual setting of flame is also available. For it, press the trigger for long lengths and release it simultaneously to increase or decrease the amount of flame; a feature not present in most torches.

Unlike nozzles of other propane torches, the nozzle of this propane torch can be cleaned easily with a brush. This propane torch is affordable and surprisingly easy to handle too.

In short, this is the best propane torch with all the exciting features that makes it even more desirable.

Manufacturer: Bernzomatic
Dimensions: 4 x 10.8 x 13.7 inches      
Power Source: Gas-powered
Batteries Required: No
Measurement System: Metric
Model Number: 384398
Installation Method: Arc-welding

Key Features
  • Instant on/off trigger for ease
  • 5 foot hose for maximum accessibility
  • Adjustable flame control knob
  • Light weight
  • High intensity swirl for efficient flame
  • Fine to a medium flame
  • Large adjustment frame of flame
  • Trigger lock
  • Flame heat can be adjusted by trigger
  • Long and narrow hose
  • Instant on and off the trigger
  • Not for pre-heating work
  • Difficult to clean
  • Trigger lock is tricky to handle

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • It has a simple one-handed operation for the flame trigger ignitor.
  • It comprises a solid brass regulator which is pressure-regulated to burn in any direction.
  • It is a more efficient flame which makes the flame hotter due to its high-intensity swirl.
  • It is easier to switch between applications due to its adjustable flame control knob.

Bernzomatic Outdoor Torch

Bernzomatic Outdoor Torch

Bernzomatic 19425 JT850 Self-Igniting, Outdoor Torch is the best propane torch for you if you want a torch that gives maximum heat along with one that is easy on your pocket.

It helps save your money by being versatile, giving a high output on the quick start function. The flame also gives no reviews of burn. Leaving it on an object longer than expected may give harmful results.

This propane torch gives a maximum reach of 36 inches minimum which implies that you won’t have to bend, struggle or crouch to get your work done. The torch has a durable metal body.

It comes with a large valve which can be set according to need and ease. It can be easily used to start a barbecue, control weeds, melt ice, and do many more chores.

Bernzomatic Outdoor Torch is the most durable propane torch since it has no plastic parts. Very little to no negative responses have been received for this application.

Manufacturer: ‎Bernzomatic
Dimensions: ‎39 x 8 x 2 inches   
Part Number: ‎JT850
Style: Outdoor
Battery Required: No
Included Components: ‎Bernzomatic 19425 JT850 Self-Igniting 20,000 BTU Outdoor Torch
Material: Metal
Manufacturer Country: USA

Key Features
  • Flame is a brush type
  • Trigger start ignition
  • Solid and durable brass tip
  • Compatible with 14 and 16oz propane fuel tank
  • Adjustable flame knob for extinguishing the fire
  • The grip handle is slip-resistant
  • High output with a large flame
  • Adjustable flame control
  • Multiple uses
  • Uses propane or MAPP gas
  • Easy access to places
  • Control knob may break under pressure
  • Flame intensity might not be as effective

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • It tackles a variety of tasks like weed cleaning, repairing driveway cracks, and lighting fire pits.
  • Can be used by old age people since there is no need for bending and crouching.
  • Helps to manage weed control in a chemical-free manner.
  • The integrated quick start mechanism produces flame quickly.

Hot Max Propane Torch

Hot Max Propane Torch

Hot Max 500G Big Max Propane Torch is the best heating torch. Very few heating torches provide as incredible heat as this one. It offers a great deal of heat and fire.

This one is a propane torch that can be used at the industrial level, on construction, or on farm jobs because it is a heavy-duty torch.

Hot Max propane torch has a 300 PSI gas hose that is 10ft in length. It comes with a safety valve and operates at a BTU of 50,000 units.

This torch has many applications like melting snow from pipes or elsewhere, eliminating weeds, or the best part; removing paints from different surfaces. It can be considered a great help in welding jobs too.

Only a standard propane tank and absolutely no chemicals are needed for it to work. No doubt, it is one of the most expensive propane torches on the list.

It is delivered in a ready-to-use and properly assembled manner by the company.

Manufacturer: Hot Max
Dimensions: 0.03 x 0.04 x 0.05 inches 
Part Number: 500G-B
Warranty: 1 year
Battery Required: No
Included Components: Big Max 500,000 BTU Propane Torch
Colour: Black
Material: Alloy Steel
Manufacturer Country: China
Installation Method: ‎Gas-welding

Key Features
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • No caustic chemicals
  • Burns clean and efficient propane
  • Modeled handle for control and comfort
  • 500,000 BTU
  • Contains a flint striker
  • A broad flame
  • Long handle
  • Long hose
  • Heavy-duty torch
  • Rubber handle
  • Not for gas welding
  • Not gives flame adjustment
  • Manual flame striking

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • It is easy to use and very light weight.
  • The best go-to tool for industrial, farm, and construction work.
  • It prevents excessive propane gas flow as a single flint striker is used for lighting the torch.
  • It can be used to melt tar and asphalt.

Bernzomatic Pencil Flame Propane Torch

Bernzomatic Pencil Flame Propane Torch

Just like its other products, the company makes sure this propane torch is exceptional in all its might too.

Bernzomatic Basic Use Brass Pencil Flame Propane Torch Head offers an impressive and unmatched control for the flame.

Its exceptional performance along with its being highly affordable makes it worthwhile to buy.

This torch serves all the purposes and chores one could think of as a propane torch. From soldering to brazing. There is no work this propane torch can’t be used for.

It is a propane hand-use cylindrical pencil torch.

This pencil flame torch comes with brass construction for extra durability. It also has a built-in flame control valve for easy sizing of flame and extinguishing it when needed.

It is designed specifically with an angled stainless steel burn turn.

Manufacturer: Bernzomatic Corp
Dimensions: 1.38 x 4.56 x 9.91 inches
Part Number: 361540
Warranty: 3-year Limited Warranty
Battery Required: No
Included Components: Torch Head
Colour: Copper
Material: Other
Manufacturer Country: USA

Key Features
  • Brass construction for extra durability
  • Flame control valve
  • The basic design for small diameters
  • Versatile and webbed flame
  • Manual torch for general use
  • Affordable
  • High quality product
  • Durable
  • High control over flame
  • Manual ignition
  • Difficult to light

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • It can be used for thawing, melting, smoldering and other heat applications.
  • The flame control valve comes with a feature to easily size the flame and extinguish it when needed.
  • It is used with propane fuel like Bernzomatic 14.1 oz. Propane Hand-Torch.
  • It provides longer durability and quality because of the brass body.

Bravex Weed Burner Propane Torch

Bravex Weed Burner Propane Torch

If you have a targeted surface area that needs to be covered or treated, the Bravex weed burner propane torch should be your foremost choice.

This propane torch produces a large flame that helps to treat grease, an undercoating of different surfaces, or gunk. 

It has the latest 360 flame swivel mechanism that prevents the backflow of flame. It also has east and controlled flame valve. It accompanies a turbo blast trigger that adjusts the flame emission and size.

Bravex propane torch also features a 6.5ft hose that makes it quite effortless to handle. Only a self-ignitor can assist you in this simple-used product.

Some might call it expensive but the features provided do justice to the application.

Manufacturer: YAXINTRD
Dimensions‎: 32 x 5.5 x 3 inches
Part Number: ‎91037
Maximum Temperature: 1648 Degrees Celsius
Battery Required: No
Item Number: 91037
Material: Brass
Warranty: 3 year

Key Features
  • cCSAul certified
  • 360 Degree Swivel Flame Mechanism
  • Turbo-blast trigger to adjust the heating level
  • Soft hose P.O.L safety valve design
  • Prevention of flame backflow
  • cCSAul certified
  • Heats large surface areas with ease
  • Self-ignition feature
  • Long hose
  • Multifunctional
  • Automotive work
  • Highly expensive

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • The valve seal ring is manufactured in Germany and offers high corrosion resistance.
  • It comes with a 3-year company guarantee with a return/refund policy.
  • It is multi-functional. It can be used to do wood grain burning, sear meat, soften asphalt, and remove paints from certain surfaces.
  • Turbo blast heating level assists high flame.

Mag-Burner Weed Torch

Mag-Burner Weed TorchThe Mag-Torch Weed Burner is an outdoor torch kit. It is considered quite hot and functional with 500,000 BTUs.

This propane torch works with a 20-pound tank which prevents frequent refilling. The torch is delivered with a spark lighter. It is quite an easy and simple tool to use. 

It also has a knob to decide the amount of flame too. In short, it is the best tool for grilling purposes that also helps to get rid of unwanted weeds in your garden or for roofing and burning brush on your garden tiles.

It makes work easier with a comfortable grip and works with at least 20 lbs. This ensures the need for a POL tank when working in your garden at home.

This propane torch comes with a spark lighter for easy lighting and flaunts a CSA-certified hose of 61 inches that connects the tank and the torch. The spark lighter is adjusted on a large rod for safety and easy access.

The work consists of cracking the valve, clicking the ignitor, and adjusting your flame.

Manufacturer: Magna Industries
Dimensions: 38 x 3 x 3 inches
Part Number: ‎‎418571
Item Package Quantity: 1
Battery Required: No 

Key Features
  • Comprises spark lighter
  • CSA certified hose of 61”
  • 500,000 outdoor BTU torch
  • Works with 20lbs at least
  • High intensity flame
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Includes POL safety valve
  • Spark lighter
  • Flame control knob
  • Intense flame
  • No automatic switch
  • Very loud

Check Price

 Why Choose This: 

  • It is lightweight, easy to use, and durable. Therefore carrying it and using it is not a hard task.
  • It is a perfect multifunctional propane torch that can be used for almost all chores.
  • It has an easy setup and comes in an all-ready-to-use shape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do all torches come with an oxygen tank?
It is not mandatory to have an oxygen tank with propane torches. They can work all fine on their own without an oxygen tank too. However, oxygen tanks add more power and intensity to the flame. Propane torches that come and function without an oxygen tank are more feasible to be bought for people with low budgets.
Does fuel choice influence a purchase?
It is to be kept in mind that the propane tank you are using either uses butane or propane as fuel. Although both have their perks, the choice depends on the type of work you want to be done. Keep your budget in mind while making this choice.
Should I prefer a temperature-based propane torch?
Propane torches come in various temperatures. It depends entirely on their usage. If you want to use the torch regularly, prefer a torch with higher temperatures. The choice of temperature is also affected by the vaporization surface.
How long does a propane torch last?
The duration of a propane torch depends on its usage. All propane torches have a specific time frame in which they work. It may depend upon their use. This time-lapse may be 40-60 minutes. The size of the tank and fuel efficiency also varies with this feature.

A propane torch is a handy tool to get rid of weed or frozen pipes and driveways. It doesn’t require high-tech skills or other knowledge for its operation. Various propane torches come with different features, one better than the other. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a propane tank wisely that gets to the best of its use for you.

Our final choice for the day would be a Bernzomatic Propane Torch. It comes with the handiest trigger out of all torches and has a heavy-duty hose. The flame adjustment and flame trigger lock for different sizes of flame make it all worth an option to buy. It is no doubt an excellent multi-functional propane torch.

From the discussion, all the different types of propane torches can be studied. This makes it easier to find the best propane torch for you. Out of several products available, it is entirely up to you to choose an application that serves your interest the best .!

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