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A sagging headliner is the worst nightmare for a car owner. It can make your car look old-fashioned and saggy. There is not any other experience where you feel the upper layer of your car peeling or sagging while you drive.

This can occur due to various reasons. Perhaps, you traveled to a damp area. Or the road trip you just had, was in a hot area that trapped dampness in your vehicle.

The advantage of technology is that it can be used for our benefit. There are many treatments and cures for sagging headliners. The most common one of them is the use of headliner adhesive sprays.

If the right type of adhesive glue is used, this issue can be resolved with ease. It is a simple, and economical solution to deal with peeling headliners.

This cost-effective solution allows the use of the best glues for managing the appearance of the vehicle.

There are various headliners available in the market that are used to deal with this problem. All of the adhesive headliners vary in price, features, and manufacturing items.

The main method involves the preparation and application of adhesives to deal with the sagging headliners. The headliners must be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove all the moss or excess dirt before applying any adhesive.

This article provides you with all the necessary details you need to know before and after buying a headliner adhesive.

There are many brands in this business and some offer the best, but most expensive headliner adhesives.

These brands include 3M, Loctite, and Gorilla. A buying guide explains all the points you need to keep in mind while buying a headliner adhesive.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Headliner Adhesive Spray:

You can restore and embellish your car headliner if you choose an adhesive wisely.  A saggy headliner is no more good-looking or presentable than a wrinkled, torn, or damaged headliner.

Here are some important features to keep in mind while looking for the best headliner adhesive suitable for you.


A car can be treated properly if you are using the right type of adhesive for it, otherwise, it will only be a temporary fix which can give long-term problems.

Liquid headliners work like aerosols and both of these are fabric friendly. These liquid headliners can be used with spray guns to cover large surface areas. 

Roll-on adhesives are also called contact adhesives. They can be painted with any brush and are an easy DIY task. It is easy to roll on any fabric similar to painting.

It can be used to overdo any layer where it’s needed to coat more adhesive layers. They are not dry-fast adhesives and give more firmness on drying, the sole reason why they’re also known as contact cement.

Aerosols are headliner adhesives that are considered to be easy to use. It is because they come in cans ready to be sprayed. They don’t require the use of any additional spray gun.

Only the adhesive is to be sprayed in an even coat and the headliner can be fixed easily. These cans can range between 12 to 18 ounces.

They are already equipped with spray nozzles that spray the adhesive evenly. They are used widely for their cleaner, finer, and finished look.

Some might not work well when they are used in an upside-down position.


Cheap headliner adhesives can range somewhere between $5 and $10. They provide timely solutions but can be needed gain for redoing the process.

In a price range of $12 and $30, several well-known brands offer their expertise. Most contact adhesives can be found in this range and you might get lucky and be able to pick multiple cans in this price range. 

If you desire a permanent solution and are ready to pay for it in higher amounts, then the range of $40 and above is your aisle.

Though most $30 price range products give the best results and are widely used, these can be used to fill your royalty check.


Ensure that the adhesive you are buying is applicable and friendly to the fabric used in the car headliner. Things can get messy if this is not followed properly and you might end up increasing the problem instead of solving it.


Several types of adhesives are available in the market, including liquids and aerosols. The decision to choose which type of adhesive is required can be assessed by the size of damage to the headliner.

If the area to be covered is large, then using the spray over the headliner may be the best option for you. Whereas, if the tear or sagging has affected only a little area, the liquid is suitable for fixing it.


The application of an adhesive works best when the temperature is known where it works the best. Whether it’s hot or cold, different adhesives have different ways to cope with it.

If you are a resident of a country with extreme temperatures, this feature is particularly not to be ignored and you might prefer an adhesive that is temperature.

If the temperature where you live is hot, then a rubber adhesive will be of no use as it will get messier and melt under the car’s temperature.

In such cases, headliner adhesives with upholstery glue should be preferred where they can handle the temperature changes for a firm hold.


Many people don’t bother buying a specific adhesive to deal with their damp and sagging headliner. Instead, they use regular glue to fix the problem and can end up gluing the same spot over and over again.

Always buy the products specified for the problems. It is not preferred to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your car. This way, you won’t have to repeat the gluing process.


A headliner adhesive must be versatile in its function. It’s better to choose an adhesive that can be useful to you in other parts of your garage or home, solving a variety of problems.

Stong headliners with firm bonds should be preferred to increase the lifespan of the headliner. Choose a headliner that allows repositioning and adequate drying time. 

It must not avoid driving the vehicle while the adhesive is applied. It is better to prefer an adhesive with fabric and vinyl usability.

Most headliners are made up of vinyl material, hence it is better to choose an adhesive that supports the universality of the product in use.

It is preferable to choose natural products in the adhesive even if you have to pay more money.


This feature is a must as it allows extra hold and time to fix your headliner.

If the adhesive you are using is fast drying and you have a large surface area to cover while fixing the headliner, then you might not give yourself enough time to place and position the headliner correctly.

With a repositionable adhesive, this mess can be avoided and you get enough time to set the headliner in place and give it a tidy finish.

6 Best Headliner Adhesive Spray

ImageProductDetails  Price
Permatex Heavy Duty HeadlinerPermatex Heavy Duty HeadlinerHigh-temperature adhesiveCheck Price
3M Super Multipurpose Adhesive3M Super Multipurpose AdhesiveFast-dryingCheck Price
Gorilla Spray AdhesiveGorilla Spray AdhesiveComfort nozzleCheck Price
3M Multi-purpose Spray3M Multi-purpose SprayFast tack bondCheck Price
3M 45 General Spray3M 45 General SprayIdeal for light-duty materialsCheck Price
Car Guys Plastic RestorerCar Guys Plastic RestorerNo more oily messCheck Price

Permatex Heavy Duty Headliner

Permatex Heavy Duty Headliner - BEST HEADLINER ADHESIVE SPRAY

The headliner glue in this 16.75-ounce package is designed to be a heavy-duty adhesive. It adheres to a variety of materials, including foam, textiles, plastics, carpets, and rubber.

It’s water-resistant and resistant to adverse weather once it’s been cured. This solution dries quickly and cleanly at high temperatures.

This glue is developed with a high temperature and strong bonding strength, making it ideal for removing sagging or damaged and torn car headliners.

Because the adhesive is resistant to extreme weather conditions, you can trust it to withstand dampness, coldness, heat, and water.  

The high-temperature formula ensures that the bond is maintained even at high temperatures, which is ideal for those who live in hot climates.

This glue is handy since it may be used on a variety of surfaces other than the headliner. It can be used on door panels, trunk linings, and sometimes even upholstery material and carpets in boats.

Brand: Permatex
Model: ‎Permatex 27828 Body Shop Heavy Duty Headliner Adhesive, 16.75 oz Aerosol Can
Item Weight: 1.35 pounds
Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 9.13 inches
Item Volume:  2400 Cubic Inches
Model No: 27828
Colour: Clear
Material: Plastic
Package:  Aerosol Can

Key Features
  • High-temperature adhesive
  • VOC compliant
  • Water-resistant
  • Carpet adhesive
  • Fast dry
  • Withstand high temperature
  • water-resistant
  • Ideal for automotive headliners
  • multi-functional
  • The spray nozzle clogs easily
  • It doesn’t hold longer

Check Price


 Why Choose This: 

  • It can hold the material in place in temperatures until 170 degrees Fahrenheit (77 degrees).
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions and it is also water-resistant.
  • It is designed to repair interior parts that have detached or loosened.
  • It can be used to repair carpets, foams, fabrics, and rubbers.

3M Super Multipurpose Adhesive

3M Super Multipurpose Adhesive - BEST HEADLINER ADHESIVE SPRAY

This multi-purpose adhesive is one of a kind. It not only is used for headliners of cars and other homely products. 3M Super adhesive aerosol has a density of 0.726g/ml with a flashpoint of -42 degrees Fahrenheit.

It can be used on metal and other surfaces as it is low soak-in and absorbent. It can also be used for fixing low trim and in other restoration projects.

This is a versatile headliner adhesive that has vast applications on an industrial scale. It can also be used with lightweight materials like cardboard, paper, insulation fabrics, etc.

This product is ideal for vehicle repair and restoration tasks, as it can form a strong connection between insulation, foam, cushioning, vinyl, rubber, and metal. 

Installing headliners is the most common application for this fabric adhesive. It’s a tough compound that’s heat, moisture, and plasticizing oils resistant.

This adhesive is simple to apply and works quickly. To achieve the strongest bond, you’ll need several layers of glue, which dries quickly.

Brand: 3M TALC
ASIN: B0000AZ735
Item Weight: 1.07 Pounds
Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.7 x 10.1 inches
Model No: 77-24
Colour: Clear
Compatible Material: Foam, Wood, Fiberglass, Leather, Paper
Item Volume: 635 Mililetres

Key Features
  • Industrial grade
  • Adhesive track
  • Repositionable
  • Low soak in
  • Versatile
  • Fast-drying
  • Supports low-soaking properties
  • U.S. OSHA, ANSI certified
  • Low mist formulation
  • Highly inflammable

Check Price


 Why Choose This: 

  • It is a versatile product that can be applied on various surfaces. It can deal with saggy headliners.
  • It is easy to use and comes with fast drying. It is also repositionable and allows adjustment of the material.
  • It leaves invisible bonds and gives a final neat finish.

Gorilla Spray Adhesive


Gorilla heavy-duty spray adhesives are best known for their quick use. Once they dry, they get completely permanent.

It, therefore, offers a non-repositioning formula and does not spoil the headliner at any cost. Its nozzle provides many options and sprays evenly. It has a controlled mist formula. 

The brand stands among those premium quality products that have a good market reputation. This can bond not only car headliners but virtually any type of material starting from paper to glass, and wood. 

The nozzle has a wide pad that gives even application because of controlled and fine mist. Depending on environmental factors like temperature and humidity, it can dry as fast as 10 minutes.

So far, it is one of the best adhesives for headliners.

Manufacturer: Gorilla Glue
Style: ‎1 – Pack
Item Weight: 14 ounces
Dimensions:  2.5 x 2.5 x 9.5 inches
Model No: 6301502
Item Volume: 14 Fluid Ounces
Colour: Clear
Material: Wood, Foam, Glass, Leather, Paper
Package: Aerosol Can

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty
  • Comfort nozzle
  • VOC standard
  • repositionable
  • Heavy-duty
  • Dries permanently
  • Multi-purpose adhesive
  • Non-yellowing formula
  • Standardized by VOC
  • Strong chemical smell
  • Reacts with strong oxidizers
  • Not compatible with rubber and vinyl

Check Price


 Why Choose This: 

  • This headliner adhesive dries permanently and instantly and gives a wide range of use.
  • It comes with a non-yellowing formula.
  • It can be used on multiple surfaces and gives a strong bond for golding.
  • It doesn’t drip or run when used in a vertical position.

3M Multi-purpose Spray


It is a versatile adhesive that bonds with a variety of products. It is an economical and fast-drying adhesive glue that gives a stronger bond hold. This feature allows its use in car headliners.

It has a better-designed formula that doesn’t go yellow over time. It has a lace spray management that is easy to use and fancy-looking.

The bond time is 15 to 20 minutes and dries very fast. It helps to overcome the obstacles faced by the sticking of headliners in the vehicle’s ceiling.

The lacy spray gives the adhesive a cleaner and tidier look when the edges are not as neat as thought. The aerosol spray can be sprayed directly on the headliner surface and used for attachment.

The aerosol spray takes about 15 seconds to 30 minutes for proper bonding and attachment. Initially, it is repositionable and can be used for long-term bonding. It also helps to create soft and non-dimpling glue lines. It gives industrial strength.

Brand: 3M TALC
Item Weight: 1.1 Pounds
Dimensions: 9.69 x 2.4 x 2.36 inches
Item Volume: 120 Milliliters
Model No: 86234
Material: Foam, Wood, Fiberglass, Leather, Paper, Plastic, Metal, Fabric
Package: Aerosol Can

Key Features
  • Industrial adhesive
  • Versatile adhesive
  • Repositionable
  • Low soak-in
  • Fast tack bond
  • Repositionable
  • Dries clear
  • Perfect for headliners
  • No staining
  • Not super strong

Check Price


 Why Choose This: 

  • It is a multi-purpose bond adhesive spray that can bond strongly to multiple surfaces.
  • It has a transparent spray formula that dries fast.
  • It does not drip or run when used in a vertical position.
  • The aerosol formula makes it easy to be used on surfaces.

3M 45 General Spray


3M 45 general adhesive spray is specifically designed to hold headliners and fabrics. It dries in 60 minutes and comes in an 18.1-ounce can.

It gives quick adhesion from 30 seconds to approximately 15 minutes. This is a multi-purpose adhesive that can be used as an adhesive for car headliners as well as for other light-duty products.

This spray adhesive provides excellent coverage on large surface areas. It also allows quick repositioning and firm bonds to hold the fabrics together.

It has an easy formula and can be used with ease. It can also be used to treat carpets, plastics, fiber, glass, and any other areas.

It securely bonds heavy-weight objects and fabrics with the car’s metal surface.

Manufacturer: 3M CHIMD
Style and Pattern: Modern and Adhesive
Item Weight: 14.2 ounces
Dimensions: ‎2.45 x 2.45 x 7.75 inches
Item Volume: 10.25 Fluid Ounces
Model No: 45
Material: Plastic
Colour: White
Compatible: Wood, Foam, Fiberglass, Paper, Plastic, Fabric

Key Features
  • Quick repositioning
  • 30secs to 15mins bond development
  • Ideal for light-duty materials
  • Multiple-use
  • The spray doesn’t drip
  • Bonds heavy-duty fabrics
  • Easy application
  • Controlled foam
  • Multi-purpose adhesive
  • Doesn’t work with saggy headliners that need replacement
  • Slow drying

Check Price


 Why Choose This: 

  • It allows quick repositioning and perfect fit for headliner placement.
  • The spray adhesive gives a larger surface area covering.
  • It has an easy application with a controlled stream.
  • Specifically designed to hold headliners and fabrics.

Car Guys Plastic Restorer


Car Guys Adhesive Headliner is one of the best adhesive headliners that can be used with ease and affordability. It can be used on various surfaces and treat problems well.

It lasts longer and has a firm hold to end the problems. The adhesive sets the headliner in its place and firmly holds the material for repositioning.

This renews, seals, and protects any interior or exterior surface, and lasts longer.  It restores about 90% of the plastic and trims restorers on the market. It prevents oil spills and the ruining of costly materials by the oil spills.

Brand: Car Guys
included: Applicator
Item Weight: 9.6 ounces
Dimensions: 6.73 x 4.53 x 2.44 inches
Model No: 8542050459
Made In: USA
Part Number: PR-8OZ

Key Features
  • Survives rain
  • Long-lasting results
  • No more oily mess
  • No chemicals
  • Water-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Strong bonds
  • Refundable
  • Spill-proof
  • Flammable
  • Less adhesion

Check Price


 Why Choose This: 

  • This adhesive seals and clears the oil spills.
  • The company provides a full refund in case of any mishap.
  • It is multi-functional and uses no harmful chemicals.

The general method for applying a headliner adhesive

If there is a need, replace the old headliner with a new one. On the contrary, cleaning the headliner is not a difficult task. Allow the headliners and the surface to dry before applying any adhesive.

If the problem seems too big or complex for you to solve, consult an expert for the process.


Ensure the headliner and the car surface are free of dirt, moisture, molds, oil, or dust. It is better to open the doors and windows of the vehicle for proper ventilation while you apply the adhesive.

For adequate protection, wear gloves and protective gear to avoid any accidents. Wear breathing equipment to avoid inhaling any adhesive vapors.


The method of choosing an adhesive and how smoothly it goes depends upon the product used for the task. All the headliners are not made of the same materials, therefore it is essential to read the instructions carefully before use.

It is advised to apply light coats of adhesive on both surfaces. Allow it to dry before applying a second and third layer of adhesive.


After the fabric has been applied with the adhesive, allow it to dry completely for 30 minutes at the least. Touching and adjusting the material while it is drying should be avoided.

If there is any confusion in any step, refer to the instructions for a proper guide and follow-up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to remove old adhesive on your headliner?
This can be frustrating and lengthy work. Firstly, remove the headliner from the car. Use a clothing steam cleaner to remove the layers from the headliner.

When doing the same process in the car extreme care must be done. Try not to peel off the layers of adhesives from unwanted areas when doing this inside the car.

Do the headliner adhesives have any smell?
Generally, headliner adhesives come with very little to no smell or odor. But if you are concerned about it that much, consider products with low VOC content.

If you are allergic to certain smells look out for them in the list. Also, wear a mask for preventive measures.

What is a headliner?
For a basic understanding, a headliner is a portion or part of a car covered in fabric material. It covers the entire roof and inner upper of the car. Itan is made up of various layers that provide visual perfection, insulation, a fancy look, and, protection.
Can you paint over the headliner adhesive?
This is quite fruitless labor if one is adamant to do so. There is absolutely no need for painting over the headliner adhesive as it is a glue used for bonding between the surface of the car and the headliner. There is no issue if you want to cover a worn patch as long as the adhesive is dry.

It is better to choose an effective headliner and fabric adhesive that will fix the headliner and other issues related to it. It ensures the safety of your body and other components during any accident. Out of all the adhesive headliners mentioned, the best one to choose for you is yourself. Consider all the factors while making a choice. A headliner adhesive that provides you with maximum features and an adequate price.

However, in our opinion, Permatex Heavy Duty Headliner is the best adhesive to cover the headliners of the car roof. It is resistant to temperatures. It dries quickly. It is handy and ideal for removing sagging or damaged and torn car headliners…!

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